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Monday, 1 December - Wednesday, 24 December

Christmas Fundraising Drive - "Donate a Dog's Dinner"

As most of you will know Bristol DAWG are extremely fortunate to be the chosen nominated charity for three Pets At Home stores in the Bristol area (Bradley Stoke, Eastgate and more recently the new Emersons Green store).

From Monday, 1st December to Wednesday, 24th December the stores will be undertaking their Christmas fundraising drive “Donate a Dogs Dinner”, which will involve staff asking people to donate 60p and us undertaking bucket collections. All proceeds from each store for both monies donated for the doggie dinners and the bucket collections will come to us via a cheque early in the New Year.

Thanks to Pets At Home staff and our volunteers’ efforts in the Autumn we received almost £5,000!!!

It is always easier for Pets At Home staff to ask people to donate when we are in store so people can see what their money is going to help, whilst obviously raising the profile of Bristol DAWG, and I think we all like to tell people what great pets sighthounds make!!

If anyone can spare a few hours on any day of the week, at any time, and any store, please could you either PM me on Facebook, e-mail me or telephone me on 0117 9695332.

With regard to collecting at the Emersons Green store, space is quite limited and really only room for one large dog/two small.

You don’t need to bring anything along, there will be a chair for you, a bed for your dog, collecting buckets and a banner stand – just turn up and show your hound(s) off.

If you can spare a few hours please consider helping.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. 




It wasn't all that long ago

I ran the dusty track for show,

Devoted and driven my face pierced the wind

As race after race I fought to contend.

Slow at the turn and lacking in grace

I did what I could but I never placed.

I loved to run hard and hear the crowd roar

Yet those cheers turned to boos when I didn't score.

Folks lost their money when they bet on me

They tagged me a loser, said "Retire number three!".

I had no idea what I was likely to find

As I walked from the track for the very last time.

My person was waiting, eyes teared and face so long

I sensed inside the sadness that this time I'd not go home.

I tried to change my person's mind and wagged my mighty tail

But I knew deep down, without a doubt, like racing I had failed.

We drove along the country roads till we came upon a town

Where erected off the main drag was a place known as the pound.

A pretty woman came outside and took me from my crate

My person signed the papers and with one look at my face

said "I'm sorry that I have to go and leave you here to sleep".

I felt my heart break into bits and walked with head bent low

I knew that it was over and I had no place to go.

Inside the dingy building I was checked and tagged and weighed,

A voice said, "We will put him down tomorrow, if not today".

I heard the pretty woman state, "Don't look him in the eyes,

He has that Greyhound gaze that says 'I do not want to die'."

They put me in a kennel with the others on death row,

I lay down on the concrete and moaned so soft and low.

Morning filtered through the glass, I stretched my weary bones

The pretty woman came to me and said "It's time to go".

The hall was long and stark and cold, I did not cry or weep

I used my eyes and face and soul to halt eternal sleep.

She tried her best to use defense and look away from me,

She seemed to know how wrong it was to do this deadly deed.

She bent down close and held my face against her silken cheek,

The needle entered my front leg and quickly I felt weak.

I heard the pretty woman sob as she lay me on the floor,

I saw a last glimpse of her face and then I saw no more.

I may not have been the fastest dog to ever run the track,

But I just wish someone had loved me so I could have loved them back.

~ Author Unknown ~


If you have clicked on our website today looking for a new addition to your family, you will notice that at the moment most of the dogs we have are black.

Please, please, please don?t move onto another website

Sadly some rescues are reluctant to take black dogs, as for some reason they are not as popular. We have no idea why, because there is nothing more stunning than a shiny, gleaming, black coat.

We take most of our greyhounds from Ireland, where there are huge welfare problems with ex racing greyhounds, with probably hundreds destroyed every week, which is so sad.

Trainers don't worry what colour the dogs are as long as they are successful and make them money, but, unfortunately, there are lots more black greyhounds than any other colour. Some make it onto the track and do well for their trainers, but so many are time trialled and deemed not fast enough and are then destroyed at 18-24 months (what a waste of life!!). They are the forgotten dogs that people don?t know about. The lucky ones make it into rescue, but with other colours being more popular, what happens to the black dogs? I think we all know the answer to this sadly!!

At Bristol DAWG we believe every dog deserves a second chance in life, irrespective of colour and because of this we help the less fortunate dogs, is it really fair not to help just because they are black?

With the beautiful black dogs in mind, please read the poem below, and remember there are more of this colour than any other, could you be that special family/person to re-home one of our dogs, to make way for another black dog to come into rescue.

Please come and meet our dogs and you will see from the love in their eyes how much they want to be someone's much loved pet.

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Bristol DAWG is proud to be associated with Pets at Home, Bradley Stoke, Eastgate and Emerson's Green and thanks them for their continuing support