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Launch of Dawgust 2016


You have all heard of National events such as Movember UK and Dry January. 

2015 was the first year we decided to launch ‘DAWGUST”, during which we raised funds to rescue and transport galgos from Spain. We raised an amazing £7,000 for this cause, and we still have a “pot of money” to continue bringing galgos to the UK two at a time, (we currently have Figgy and Luna who are waiting for their forever homes).

There were some very memorable events last year to raise money, which were brilliant fun – “The Malibu Challenge”!! – WOW Kim raised so much sponsorship drinking every night (did I really sponsor this!!), David, Debi, Megan and Kim did an on-line charity auction which raised an amazing about of money, Colin organised a quiz evening, just to mention a few. 

Since 2010 we have worked with a lady called Eila Molony, who lives in Limerick, and who, in our opinion, is a wonderful lady who has rescued probably thousands of dogs in her lifetime. Bristol DAWG have rehomed hundreds of greyhounds from her since our friendship started.

If you own an Irish greyhound from Bristol DAWG there is 95% chance that you are lucky enough to have your four-legged friend because Eila has rescued him/her. (Irish dogs have tattoos in both ears).

Eila works tirelessly, with just a little help from Tom at the kennels, who assists her with the dogs. We cannot begin to imagine the difficult decisions she has to make when she receives calls from the pound, from racing trainers and private individuals wanting rescue space for greyhounds. 

Eila is a frequent visitor to the pound in Limerick when dogs have been “dropped off”. Sadly the pound only keep greyhounds for a very short time, sometimes a matter of a couple of days, if they are lucky, as in Ireland these beautiful dogs are not considered suitable as pets and are discarded if they cannot race. 

I personally cannot imagine, and certainly could not do what Eila does – seeing all those little faces in the pound and knowing that she only has enough money and space to take so many, as she knows what happens to the ones that get left behind – it would absolutely break my heart. 

Many greyhounds are sent to the pound because they have been time trialled and are just not fast enough and their life is about to end at one to two years of age, which is an absolute travesty. 

Anyway, getting to the point re “DAWGUST 2016”. 

As I have said, over the years we have rehomed hundreds of “Eila Dogs”, but over the last two years this has become more difficult. Dogs leaving Ireland must be fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, received flea and worm treatment and had a rabies vaccination. After the rabies vaccination there is a twenty-one day period before the dogs can travel and Eila has to find/pay for kennelling for three weeks before they come to the UK – I am sure you can imagine three weeks kennelling is costly for one dog, let alone the amount Eila is trying to rescue!! When these dogs reach the UK, DEFRA have to inspect that all dogs have arrived with the correct paperwork and pet passports are in order – lots of work goes on behind the scenes that no-one is ever aware of.

Sometimes there are dogs that need treatment for racing injuries on top of everything else, and Eila is constantly trying to call in favours from family, friends, and her vet (where there is always an outstanding bill!!) but there is only so much goodwill. She also has to pay for transport to the UK, which is certainly not cheap.

Bristol DAWG would love to do a “one off” fundraiser in August to help Eila save more dogs, so that she is not having to walk away from those little faces looking at her. We realise that we cannot save every greyhound that needs help, but a good “DAWGUST” could enable Eila to save lots of dogs.

A JustGiving page will be set up for this and we REALLY hope that if you feel passionate about greyhounds, or indeed your greyhound is an “Eila Dog” you will want to help. 

If you do not want to organise anything, you may just wish to make a donation to say “thank you” for the wonderful work Eila does – this lady has dedicated her life to saving dogs. I personally am so grateful as I have two wonderful dogs from her. 

To raise money this can be an event you want to organise like a sponsored slim or swim or run or silence, quiz, skittles evening, bingo night etc. Perhaps a coffee morning, car boot sale, party, BBQ, dress down day at work – get your colleagues involved and let them know what a great cause they would be helping. We could make arrangements for you to undertake a collection at a Pets At Home store for a day/half day – just let us know. 

If you need posters/official sponsor forms etc. then please e-mail the charity and I will provide whatever is needed.

Please donate via JustGiving (which is the easiest way to donate, plus we get Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer – this doesn’t cost you anything, but we get an extra 25p for every £1 donated) – click on the link below here to donate, it is so easy. 


If you are organising an event, please keep everyone posted on Facebook so we can all get behind you. 

Let’s make this a greyt “DAWGUST” event and help Eila save more dogs and give them a second chance in life.

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