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Bristol DAWG has decided for the first time to offer rescue space for two Galgos (Spanish hunting dogs) - greyhounds.  Contact has been made with a rescue in Spain and these dogs will be arriving in September – see pictures below. Venita (dog) is four years old and Yllera (bitch) is two years old. Both said to be lovely dogs.  

Venita left and Yllera above

Many of you may possibly have never heard of the Spanish Galgo – please google “Spanish Galgo” – the articles you will read and pictures you will see are heartbreaking. I will not go into too much detail, I will leave you to research yourselves, but please, please do, as you will then see why Bristol DAWG are trying to help. 
The Spanish hunting dogs live their entire lives on the brink of starvation, are tied on short chains or kept in dark cellars and only let out to hunt. Dogs are run behind vehicles over rough ground for miles to build stamina, only to have their feet soaked in vinegar after this run to harden the pads!! Many dogs do not survive this gross neglect but starve/dehydrate slowly to death or die of untreated disease, injuries or severe tick infestation. The life of a Galgo is normally 2-3 years maximum, breeding bitches are kept a little longer. It is common practice that dogs are killed after the hunting season by being hung in trees or drowned in wells, shot or abandoned. Spain and the Spanish hunters lack empathy and respect for living beings. It is a disgrace beyond compare.
This request is a little long – I apologise!!, but if you have now done some research and you would like to help save a Galgo please continue to read. 
You will have all heard of National events such as Movember UK and Dry January, we want to do something similar and would like to announce the launch of DAWGUST whereby in the month of August we will pledge to help more Galgos.

We know it will take some people a little while to organise things, so monies for the “Galgo Fund” will be accepted until the end of September, so if you get the ball rolling in August, but the event doesn’t take place until September that’s fine.

The more we can raise the more Spanish dogs we can offer to help.
This is a “one off” special project, and will not affect the help we offer to other organisations.

To raise money this can be an event you want to organise like a sponsored slim or swim or run or silence, quiz, skittles evening, bingo night etc etc. Perhaps a coffee morning, car boot sale, party, BBQ, dress down day at work – get your colleagues involved and let them know what a great cause they would be helping. We could make arrangements for you to collect at a Pets At Home store for a day/half day – just let us know. You may just like to help by making a one off donation via our JustGiving Page – see link below.

We would like to be in a position to offer five Galgos rescue space but at a cost of £4,000, this is a lot to ask - CAN WE DO IT? -  we might be able to with your help.

Bottom line is if we don’t raise the money we can’t help. Please share with all your Facebook friends and let’s see if we can give five dogs the gift of life.

With over 900 members on our Facebook page we are hopeful that many of you will get behind us.  Let’s go for it.
If you need posters/official sponsor forms etc. then please e-mail the charity and I will provide whatever is needed.
Please, please do some research for yourselves, I started looking at the plight of these beautiful dogs, and I struggled to understand that humans could do this!!! I am so pleased that Bristol DAWG will be able to help the two dogs arriving in September, but we want to do more!!
This cost of getting these dogs into the UK is around £800 per dog, which does include all vaccinations, rabies, neuter, passport and a donation to the Spanish Rescue to enable them to continue the work they do. The charity has the money for the two dogs due to arrive in September, but at the end of August/September we would love to save another five Galgos.
Please donate via JustGiving (which is the easiest way, plus we get Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer – this doesn’t cost you anything, but we get an extra 25p for every £1 donated) – click on the link here to donate please mark “Galgo Fund
If you are organising an event, please keep everyone posted on Facebook so we can all get behind you.