Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


Hello everyone      

My name is Dessie and I'm another one that Hilary is totally smitten with even though she is not supposed to have favourites!!
I was born in June 2016 and I am an extremely handsome greyhound whose photograph doesn't do him justice. I am a very happy dog who is only just starting out in life and learning about the big wide world. 

Like so many greyhounds, I came across the rough Irish Sea to seek my fortune in England, having been fortunate enough to be rescued by a lovely lady called Eila Moloney I don't like to think what might have happened to me if she hadn't intervened. 

I am such a striking looking dog that I will really turn heads, but I am also very silly and affectionate and love my treats, I am going to make some lucky person/family a wonderful companion, so please pick up the phone to make an appointment to meet me, you know you want to!

Dessie xx