Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue



My name is Nano and I have come from Spain to find a kind home with an English dog lover.

I am a breed of dog called a Galgo which is used for hunting. At the end of the hunting season, those of us that are no longer wanted are cruelly disposed of. The worse we performed for our owners, the more inhumane the method of disposal. 

My amigo Ice and I were lucky though, we were rescued by a wonderful organisation called Scooby and selected to travel to DAWG to find a home in the UK. We have been spending time gaining confidence and both Debbie and Hilly have fallen in love with me, as they say I am so affectionate and soppy - I do not understand that English word, but I am sure it must be complimentary. Sadly neither of them are in a position to take me home, so if you think you could be my new owner, please get in touch with one of the trustees. I am believed to be about two or three years old and quite tall. I have beautiful tan coloured fur which is rough in texture, but I really need to put on some weight.

I love all the kind people at the kennels, but I am really looking forward to having a home and family of my own now.

Hasta la vista

Nano xx