Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

November 2017

5 November 2017

Massive thank you to Diane Sweet and Jess Ward who had a very early start this morning at the Easter Compton Car Boot - they raised an amazing £196.25 for Bristol DAWG. Well done. Thanks also to Easter Compton who gave them a refund on the cars - must be dog lovers!!

7 November 2017

Platinum Petcare are proud to be a drop off point for DAWG's Christmas appeal.

They are offering 10% off any purchases of wet food (Natures menu, Nature Diet, Canagan, Forthglade, Symply) and any of their natural treats to go into a shoe box for the hounds!

They will have some boxes ready wrapped so all you need to do is buy some lovely items to put in them and they will wing their way to the kennel dogs!

We are very grateful to Platinum Petcare, as are our hounds.

12 November 2017

Gerry spent an hour this morning finalising the paperwork for the lovely Greta (was Thunder). Greta has been fostered by Michelle Salter and she has joined the "failed fosterers" club!!

Thank you Michelle for giving this sweet girl a lovely forever home. Thanks also for organising a greyhound meet at Celine Jacobs field in Arlingham today, for me it was lovely to catch up with Celine again, something I have been meaning to do for ages, but there never seems to be enough time.

Thanks to the people who came to the field today and raised an amazing £34.

12 November 2017

Bit of an unusual one for Bristol DAWG, but we feel very honoured to have been approached by Ellen Kent (Producer) as she would like to use two Royal Greyhounds in the Bristol Hippodrome production of Rigoletto.
Amber and Trevor Watkins are having acting lessons (but that is just to keep both of them awake long enough to appear on stage!!) Colin will be accompanying them on Thursday, 18th January 2018, but, happily he will not be singing. There will be a Press Release and Bristol DAWG will have a write up about the charity in the local press and the programme. We have been invited to undertake a bucket collection after the performance and with hundreds of people walking out the doors, what an opportunity. 
Two things:
Firstly and I know this is a big ask as it will be a late night - (time to be confirmed, probably about 9.30pm), but I am looking for people (with their dogs) to attend the Hippodrome after the performance to collect with buckets, we need enough people to cover both exits whilst people leave - maximum only half an hour. 
Secondly, for all you opera lovers, Ellen has very kindly donated four tickets in the stalls, R row, in the middle, really good seats £38 each, for us to auction to raise funds. These can be split if necessary. Great Christmas present for anyone who enjoys the opera - please PM me if you are interested. 

Proudly presents an
The Masterpiece they tried to ban


12 November 2017

We are expecting to be joined at the kennels by the four beauties above on 22 November (date to be confirmed). Top left Birdie and right Mikala, bottom left Nancy and right Sam. Nancy and Mikala are sisters.

16 November 2017

Today we welcomed Blu to the kennels from the dog warden. He is a delightful little whippet lurcher that I'm sure won't take long to find his forever home.

18 November 2017

Good news to start the weekend. Lily has gone to her forever home in Paulton. Caroline works in a residential home in Bath, her office has a lovely cosy corner for a dog basket, so we were asked to find a suitable dog who could go to work with her every day, whilst being gentle around the residents. Lily was the perfect fit.

Massive thank you to Caroline for giving this sweet girl a new home. Many thanks also to all the staff and residents for the wonderful food donation for the kennel dogs.

We must also say a special "thank you" to Anne and Barry for yet another successful foster - foster number six!! You are such kind people who do an amazing job with your foster dogs.

18 November 2017

Massive thanks to the following people and their dogs that turned up this afternoon to collect at the Rovers Ground.

Jane Worth
Norman Worth
Jess Ward
Jayne Hemmingsley
Lynette Butler
Sharon Foulger
Philip Stagg
Diane Sweet
Claire Harris
Adrian Sims
Julie Sims
Julie Cottingham
Su Howe

Last year we collect £532 - this year we collected an AMAZING £746 in just two hours, and it didn't rain!!!!

Well done Team DAWG!

18 November 2017

Massive thank you to Dave, Lynne, Faith and Imogen, not forgetting Karma and Spirit in their festive Santa outfits, for attending the Cheese and Grain Charity Christmas Fayre - they raised an amazing £168.90. Faith also made a lovely Christmas Cake which she raffled.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful people supporting the work we do.