Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

October 2017

5 October 2017

Hilary, Gerry, Colin and Diane attended the Pensioners Club at Frenchay this afternoon with Poppy, Kookie, Amber, Trevor and Big Ted, to give a presentation and do a meet and greet. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all and the members collected a very generous donation of more than £90. Thank you for inviting us.

6 October 2017

A message from Eila Moloney:

I received this check from Dawgust. i am humbled and amazed at how much was raised. I can't thank you all enough. From me and all the dogs that ye have saved and those that will be helped thank you all.

8 October 2017

Thanks to Diane Sweet, who organised a stall at the Portishead Car Boot Sale today, with the help of Jess Ward, which raised £165.46

12 October 2017

We were joined in the early hours of this morning by two beautiful black boys from Ireland. More details when they have been assessed. Thanks as ever to Kristie and James for getting up to welcome the new arrivals.

14 October 2017

Paperwork all done and ready to be posted to make Razzle's adoption official. Such a lovely girl who has been very lucky to have found a great home with the Barker family in Yelverton, Devon.

We must say a massive "thank you" to Amanda Jane and Mike for very kindly fostering this sweet girl whilst she has been waiting for her forever sofa!! Our sub branch in Yelverton are doing a greyt job with their foster dogs - see you soon !!!!

15 October 2017

Spent a lovely hour in Bath this afternoon with Victoria Jones who has adopted our very special Lucy. What a difference in this young lady in a very short time.

Lucy arrived from Ireland nervous and particularly afraid of men, she went into foster with the wonderful Anne and Barry, and once again they worked their magic with this sweet girl.

Once she had been spayed we started the search for a quiet home, and along came Vicky. Lucy has been on home trial for the last three weeks as we really needed to get it right for everyone, so it was lovely to see her looking so happy today - I did take Anne and Barry with me and they were thrilled to see what a wonderful home Lucy has.

Lucy also has a friend, very similar to her little friend in Ireland, called Pippin, and the girls are getting on well together.

Thank you Vicky for giving Lucy such a greyt home.