Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


Hi everyone 

My name is Prince and I am extremely handsome.

I am confident, very laid back, friendly, all in all, I am just a happy go lucky lad, who is a bit of a “love sponge” – I just soak it up!! 

I am three years old but it appears I have never raced, it is thought that I am a “failed racer” i.e. time trialed but too slow for the track, so I quickly became surplus to requirements. 

I am just starting to learn about the big wide world – I’m learning fast and I know I am going to enjoy this new adventure. 

I am by no means small, in fact Debbie said I am a bit of whopper!! (how rude) - Prince is probably one of the  biggest greyhounds we have had at Bristol DAWG.  Due to this, being male (us boys are not as popular, most people want girls), it could stop me getting a home quickly, but anyone who has ever owned a big boy will tell you what wonderful pets we make, and we really do “fold up quite small”.

I walk well on my lead, and I am enjoying my regular walks with John who takes me for a short walk every day.

It is a well-known fact that some rescues are reluctant to take big boys because we are more difficult to rehome – thank goodness Eila rescued me and that Bristol DAWG took me, as I really don’t want to think about what could have happened to me!! 

In the time it will take me to find a home, the charity could probably rehome about four pretty girls through each kennel, but the trustees don’t look at things this way and I know I have definitely landed on all four paws here!!

At the moment I know nothing about home life and all the nice things that come with it, but the trustees have promised that they will find me a lovely home with a family who will show me what I’ve been missing.

Although I have not really encountered children, the trustees think that I would be better with older children because I am a big lad I could easily knock them over.

If you are looking for a wonderful dog that is so excited to learn about life beyond a kennel, please call one of the trustees if you would like to come and meet me – I would definitely like to meet you.

Sadly I cannot live with cats.

Prince x