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Sassy (not yet ready for rehoming)

Meet Sassy who arrived at Bristol DAWG just over six weeks ago.

Before I tell you more about Sassy – please spread this message to as many people as possible.

If you are ever thinking of rehoming your dog please, please, please make sure you know where the dog is going, everyone has a duty to make sure they do the very best they can for their dog. Many dogs fall into the wrong hands – people are not always what they appear!!!

Sassy was found in a pile of leaves, frozen solid and unable to stand because she was so weak. She spent the next five days at the vets, where she was given good food, a warm bed and lots of love.

Sassy then came to Bristol DAWG for rehoming and I promised this little girl that no-one would ever treat her badly or hurt her again. Whatever she has been through has made no difference to her sweet, loving personality. She greeted me and her foster mum and dad with a wagging tail and within minutes she had found her lovely soft basket, she looked so happy I could have cried.

Sassy is a lurcher, (greyhound/saluki), about four years old, possibly a little younger, extremely sweet and very loving.

The pictures below show Sassy when she first arrived at Bristol DAWG.

Sassy is now ready for re-homing and we have to say a massive ‘thank you’ to Ann and Barry, her foster mum and dad, as they have done an amazing job helping this sweet girl.

Sassy has met a number of dogs of all shapes and sizes (including small fluffies) - she has had lots of happy and positive interactions, she loves to socialise and you can tell she wants to run and play.

She has been walked in lots of different places and she has also been to the pub!!. She is calm and friendly with everyone she meets.
She is great in the car - she jumps in and out of her own accord and settles down (no crying or whining). She has a best friend called Willow who she is going out and about with and they are happy to settle in the boot together. 

Sassy would love to live with another dog. 
Sassy has meet children and was very gentle but we will only consider re-homing her with children eight years and older. 

There have been no accidents in the house, she is a very clean girl.

She is good at communicating - especially if it is near her food time or she needs the toilet. She is a bright dog all round, she has even learnt to sit and lift her paws to be cleaned after being outside.

She is very gentle when taking treats.

She has learnt to play! She is very keen on her little toys and will play on her own or with people, but she mostly likes playing tug of war with Willow or play fighting.

She doesn't mind the bath at all and really enjoyed the hair dryer!

She loves going up on the sofas, but will equally settle well on the floor/her bed if asked.

She walks (and jogs) well on the lead.
Sassy can be left, but the maximum she has been left for is three and a half hours.

The people that give this girl her forever home will feel like they've hit the jackpot.

We are looking for a home for Sassy within a twenty five mile radius of Bristol.  

Sassy has been through hell and back, but her love of humans is amazing.

Below you can see Sassy as she looks today...

... and here she is with her best friend Willow!

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