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Hi everyone
My name is Bella - that's me on the right of the picture - and I am a very sweet little lurcher, who will be looking for a forever home later this year, but for the time being I am living in the rescue centre.
I arrived at Bristol DAWG during lockdown from a family who needed to re-home me as the other dog in the household was said to be bullying me.
I was originally born in Qatar and as a puppy was found on a building site under rubble, so I was very lucky. The family I lived with in Qatar returned to the UK and brought me with them. However, because I was not getting along with their other dog the decision was taken to re-home me.
I went to Gerry’s house with my owners, but I knew something was up and I was terrified. however, within 24 hours it became very apparent that there was something wrong with my back left leg and I had an intermittent limp. Gerry called my previous owners, who said I only did it when I walked on grass sometimes!! Gerry asked if I had been to a vet to get this checked, the answer was “no”.
Although during lockdown, an appointment was made for me to see a vet, who advised that I had a luxating patella, sometimes called a trick knee, a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location and is extremely painful when it happens. Since then I have been referred to an Orthopaedic Specialist Vet who has confirmed that I will need surgery as soon as possible, as if the kneecap pops out and doesn’t go back in I will be in lots of pain.
Now the bad news!! – this operation, including x-rays, consultations etc is going to cost in excess of £2,500, and the even worse news, the other leg requires investigation, but we can obviously only deal with one leg at a time.
The trustees have been talking about “keeping their heads above water”, during these uncertain times, but with no fundraising there is little income and bills like this are a real worry. However, I have been told not to worry and that it is hoped “Team DAWG” will be able to help me get the operation I so badly need.
In “normal times” the trustees would never ask for help, but these are far from normal times, so a Justgiving Page has been set up to help pay for my operation. Please, please donate a few pounds if you are able, to make me pain free.
If times were different the trustees/volunteers would be sat outside supermarkets, doing street collections etc. but they just can’t and I really do need the operation.
Thank you in advance to everyone kind enough to donate.
Lots of licks Bella xx

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