Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Welcome to our Website

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, Registered Charity no 1135539

Bristol DAWG only became a Registered Charity in April 2010, but we have since become a very successful organisation and during this time we have re-homed many dogs.

We have been fortunate to be chosen by Pets At Home, Bradley Stoke and Emersons Green Stores as their nominated Charity. We have also very kindly been bought a wonderful Dog Transporter by Support Adoption for Pets, which has proved to be invaluable.

Andrew Dilger, Author of "Dash Bitch of The Year" is our Patron and has attended some of our events with "Dash" firmly at his side - what a pretty little girl she is. Pen Farthing of Nowzad became our second Patron and more recently was joined by Professor David Olusoga OBE.

The Charity has three Trustees, who are all totally dedicated to the dogs in our care, whilst they are waiting for their new forever homes. Each Trustee has their own strengths and, because of this, we work well as a team - there are no problems, only challenges!!

We fund raise almost every weekend to enable us to help as many dogs as possible and we have a very loyal group of volunteers, but we are always looking for help should you have a spare few hours.

We take sighthounds from all over the country including Ireland (where there are huge welfare problems), many of which come from Trainers, other Rescue Centres and Council Pounds. We also work with the Dog Wardens to help with strays in the local area.

Sighthounds make fantastic pets and are very addictive - one of our Trustees has a saying "if there's room on the floor, there's room for one more" because once you have owned one of these great dogs you will be smitten.

Please look at our website to learn more about these beautiful and graceful animals and what wonderful pets they make. Although many of these dogs have had terrible lives, they are so forgiving and enjoy human company so much.

You may even want to look at the "Dogs Needing Homes" page - who knows what you might see!!

If you would like to talk to any of the Trustees about a dog on our website or just sighthounds in general, all our contact details can be found on our "Contact Us" page. Please feel free to ring, but please remember we are all volunteers and we run the Charity in our spare time, so not too late please and if you get the answerphone, do leave a message - we will get back to you.