Some Happy Endings Some Happy Endings Albie As you know Albie has been with us since April 2011 and has settled in so well. He has been so well behaved in the house and loves his walks, as you can see from the pictures. We dont think he is the most usual lurcher as he loves chasing and fetching the ball and also swimming, both traits we are told are very unusual for lurchers! So far he is the quickest dog in the local area and loves socialising with everyone - human and dog alike - and is even very welcome in the local pub! Thankyou so much for introducing us to Albie, he has been an absolute delight. 174572820 Amber Cheeky, mischievous, always teasing the two boys (Ricky & Duffy) that she lives with, steals things and takes them into the garden, always wants her own way, stubborn, thinks she is a little Princess, but do we love her? the answer is definitely yes!! She is a real character. We say she has ?blonde moments? but think she is just stubborn, and will only do things if it suits her. Having said this she has passed both her Bronze and Silver Awards with the Kennel Club and is currently working towards her Gold Award; whether or not we will pass depends on how co-operative she is feeling on the evening of the test! Amber is such a loving little girl with lots of personality and is very much a part of the family and we couldn?t imagine life without her. She continues to help promote the profile of Greyhounds/Lurchers as most weekends she forms part of our trio at fundraising events, where she endears herself to the general public. 174573029 Amos Amos was recently rehomed to a lovely family on the Isle of Wight. This is what his new Mum says about him: We adopted Amos, a Saluki cross, 2 weeks ago and he has been a little star, gentle and affectionate, even with my 5 year old daughter. I also took him into the residential home where I work and he was brilliant with all the residents, enjoying the fuss they made of him. We couldn't have asked for a dog any more perfect and we can't praise Bristol DAWG highly enough, especially Gerry, who answered every email and phone call promptly. 174573191 Annie Beautiful Annie certainly looks comfortable in her new home! She was one of 4 Irish lurchers that came to us unhappy, scared and underweight. Luckily she was able to go into a foster home where her natural, naughty, personality soon shone through. She has been one of the most funny, charasmatic dogs we've had here at DAWG, often stealing anything she could get her paws on...including a fresh fish from the sink where her foster-dad was gutting them! We hear she has carried on her cheeky ways in her new home, but she's forgiven as she is such a beautiful character, inside and out. 174573048 Basil (was Dazzle) Big handsome, black and white boy, very laid back and a great character with lots of personality. Basil now lives with Lucy (also a Bristol DAWG dog). This great dog has found wonderful owners, Rick & Agi, who absolutely adore them, so much so that Rick sold his beloved motorbike to buy a bigger car to accommodate two dogs. They originally adopted Lucy, but saw Basil when they went to collect her, and Agi fell in love and continued to work on Rick until he agreed to take Basil as well! I'm sure he is glad he caved in!! Their once lovely lawn now looks like a racetrack, but think Rick & Agi will forgive these two anything. Both dogs love their long walks and are now both off lead. These two dogs will never want for anything again, and will have a lovely home for the rest of their days. 174573234 Bella (was Angel) Bella had a terrible life as she has been used as no more than a breeding machine and leased out many times until Dave and Margaret fell for her on our website. This is what they have to say about her: Angel, or as we have now called her Bella, met the whole family yesterday, including children and our son's springer spaniel and she has been wonderful. She slept in her basket by the side of our bed last night, and she had a really good night's sleep and was reluctant to get up this morning - it seems she likes her basket!! She has only had one accident in the house (which is amazing seeing she has never been in a house). She was a little wary of steps initially, but with reassurance was absolutely fine. 174573238 Bonnie (was Angie) Bonnie is a lovely blonde rough coated lurcher, here's what her new Mum says about her: She is progressing well, her walking around the furniture etc is still a little clumsy and she bumps into doors, chairs etc. We think she just does not look where she is going a lot of the time, as when she is out in the garden or over fields, she runs very fast and in a straight line! I think it as you said she is not used to living indoors with obstacles. I will keep you up to date with her progress. 174573273 Bradley (was Tigger) Recently we decided that the time was right to try and find a replacement for our collie/lurcher cross Sixpence, who we lost earlier this year after ten years of companionship as the "perfect dog." We thought that a rescue greyhound or lurcher would be the answer for us, provided it would be OK living with our cat, and so we contacted Bristol DAWG, who assessed our needs and very quickly matched us up with a couple of possible choices from their kennels in Magor. A quick trip over the bridge with Gerry and her husband Colin, where we were introduced to two lovely dogs, either of which would have been perfect for us, but we chose the large brindle male greyhound called Tigger and, shortly after, took him home for a two week trial. During the trial period we kept him muzzled when he was in the house or garden whenever KatKat was around, just to be on the safe side, but it was obvious that all he was interested in was a quick sniff to say hello, and they are now the best of friends! 174573655 Brett Brett is our first hound, he came to us as our fourth foster fur-baby but, after a couple of weeks he had fitted in so well with us and our other two dogs, that we just couldn't bear to part with him. He was very skittish when he first came home, scared of most things, cars, noises, the garden hose! But now, with help from Holly, he will jump in the paddling pool when back from a walk and even enjoys being shampooed and blow-dried! He's such a dream dog to have, he's fun, never a dull moment between him dancing around the garden snapping at daddy-long-legs, or coming home to find what he's stolen today (tea-bags, hot chocolate, toilet roll, toothpaste etc). He loves the attention of Maddie, the older girl in the house, I think he responds to her slightly bossy and demanding nature... when dinner is being prepared she wants him front and centre in the kitchen and if he's late getting there she's off chasing him around the house until he's in his proper position! We've taken him to a few training sessions, which he enjoys for the fuss and the sausages, but we feel he's more of your I'll-sit-here-and-look-pretty type of dog! He spends most of his life in one of two positions, either laid flat out, gently extending a paw at any passing person (or dog) for attention, or sat up on his sofa looking totally satisfied with his lot in life... I know we are! 174573601 Bryn (was Pero) Pero came into DAWG sick, crawling with parasites and seriously undernourished. He was nursed back to health by our wonderful fosterer, Ann Lewis and her family, before going to live with Albie, where he has continued to thrive under the name Bryn. 174572964 Cara Cara came to us in April 11, after being nursed back to health by DAWG as she had suffered terrible neglect and cruelty. Despite this, she is a lovely gentle girl who loves people, the sofa and cuddles. She gets especially excited at walk times, 'smiling' and charging the other dogs out of the way in order to be first on the lead. Dinner is also a highlight for Cara - even now she cannot seem to believe her regular meals and rushes them down as quickly as possible in case they disappear. She is a lovely dog and we feel lucky to have her as part of our family. 174594883 Carlos A big hello to everybody at DAWG, Carlos here. I have settled in really well in my forever home, It was a bit strange at first getting used to new surroundings, but with a bit of tlc and bribery I have now got Adrian and Kate round to my way of thinking!!! I go out for three or four nice walks a day and I have made many new friends (especially the female greyhound a couple of doors up!! ) and I also like to play with our two year old granddaughter. Life really is good for me now, I have a nice comfy bed by the radiator, food and water when I want it and a very loving couple taking care of me. Please tell the other dogs to hang in there as I'm sure they will all find a forever home one day, it just takes a bit of time. Wishing you all well. Carlos woof woof 189916807 Charley (was Blaze) Both Richard and myself have been so pleased to have Blaze in our family, he is absolutely brilliant. He now has a new name, Charley. He has an absolutely fabulous personality and is so good with everyone. Of course that won't be news to you. He's quite a character around the village and locals love to pet him. We can't thank you all enough for bringing us together. Charley is at a great weight and very healthy, there are hardly any visual signs of the scars and sores that he had previously, his confidence has grown and he has lots of exercise, play, love and attention. We wouldn't be without him. Charley's first holiday was a couple of weeks ago. We went on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. We weren't too sure how he would be on the boat, but we needn't have worried he took to it like a duck to water, quite literally. He swam with the ducks and didn't even try to eat them.! We couldn't believe how well he adapted to boat life and attracted many fans along the way. 174594961 Cherry What a lucky little girl to have found such a lovely family who have now officially adopted her, after a long time being ?fostered?. Cherry is a very sweet natured young lady and now shares her life with two children, Ellie Mae and Jacob, both of whom adore her. Cherry?s favourite pastime, sleep, sleep and more sleep!! (like most Greyhounds). She loves going to the seaside and running on the beach. Cherry?s kennel days are definitely over, when Katie and Chris go on holiday she goes into home boarding, they would never leave her in kennels ever again. Cherry is a very much loved part of her new family. 174595270 Dizzie (was Rita) Thought you might like to see some photos of Dizzie (Rita). We decided to change her name as she walks round and round in circles! She has settled in brilliantly, we couldn?t have asked for better. She is a very quick learner and likes lots of attention (especially from anyone we meet on our walks) but equally she likes to sleep a lot and has even had a couple of dreams resulting in feet twitching and tail wagging. She managed to get up stairs once but couldn?t get down again so although she wants to get up them she is too scared to try again but I?m sure it will only be a matter of time! She gets very excited when she sees other dogs and just seems to want to play. Dizzy came to our Fun Dog Show (10th September 2011) with her new owners Martin & Jennie, she looked absolutely stunning ? what a different 4 weeks can make (she was only adopted on the 14th August). Her coat looked wonderful and she seemed sooooooooooooooooo happy. Jennie tells us Dizzy has now ?acquired? her own 2 seater sofa, which she loves apparently. 174896781 Duffy Brindle, big and sometimes brainless!!, but best described as a very handsome boy. We call him ?Fluffy Duffy?, but this has nothing to do with his fur!! Came originally as a foster dog as he had to have part of his tail amputated due to a racing injury. Came, stayed and never went! ? how could we bear to part with him? The first 6 years of his life were spent in kennels, but he has adapted to home life very quickly, and is much loved by his two doggie friends Ricky and Amber. He is currently having hydrotheraphy to relieve stiffness in his back legs caused probably by being over-raced. Duffy has the most wonderful ears ? whilst out fundraising on one occasion a little girl asked her Mum if she could go and see the Donkey!! He continues to help promote the profile of Greyhounds/Lurchers as most weekends he forms part of our trio at fundraising events, where he endears himself to the general public. A wonderful addition to our pack, who just loves his new life. 174897164 Eddie Eddie is the biggest handsomest black greyhound you could ever wish to meet, this is what his Mum thinks of him: Just to let you know how the big softy is doing. He's starting to chill out even more! He's stopped following me round the house and has taken to sleeping the day away on the sofa in the front room. He's got so many comedy moments: putting his paws on my shoulders while he lies next to me on the sofa to alert me to the fact it's food time; skipping, hopping, bouncing and bowing to play with us and taking our shoes and hiding them in his bed for safekeeping (unharmed!). He now sleeps on a duvet in the bedroom and waits like a small child for us to wake up. The minute there's a movement in the morning, he's asking to get on the bed for a cuddle with what I call his 'trilly roo'. He really can't get enough cuddling, dearest boy. So sad to think of him in a kennel. He eats everything you put in front of him and is a bit of a dustbin if you let him, without the usual greyhound bottom trouble! His teeth are great now as the sweetie lets me brush them (chicken-flavoured toothpaste is yum, apparently). He's put on 2kg, and the vet's very pleased with him. No more corn trouble: he's got much more muscly so maybe he is balancing better. He's certainly got harder pads all round, which must help. Recall is a bit of a mystery, so we have a harness and long lead for walks, which lets him say hello to other dogs and have a degree of independence. We've also been taking him to the safe field, where he happily sniffs around and doesn't seem to want to thunder about, so I think he's happy with his onlead walks for now. We're re-acquainting ourselves with Ashton Court and Leigh Woods and he's been a star with every single dog he's met: big bouncy ones, little yappy cross ones, nervous ones, stalky ones, irritating slobbery ones and nice ones of all shapes and sizes! His nervousness on walks in town is getting slowly better and he's now the proud wearer of a DAP collar, which I think helps. We can't imagine life without him. Thanks so much for such a wonderful boy. Black beauties rule! 174897306 Evie Little Evie, as she is now called (she was a ?Gertie? !!), came to us from a kennels recently. She is a small brindle girl ? medium brown with black stripes ? a ?tiger-dog? as someone said. She was not used to indoor living and scared even to step on floor tiles at first. Now she is beginning to get bolder, finding her way round the house, and outside, though she is quite afraid of other dogs at present. Evie is a lurcher and unlike many greyhounds, has quite a voice on her. She gets very excited at W.A.L.K. time, and lets out a growl of pleasure which is a bit scary to hear! She has enjoyed basking in the sun, though she might not get the chance to do that again for a while. Apart from a few fierce tugs when she has spotted a rabbit or a local cat, Evie is a delight on the lead, very well behaved, and happy to go as fast or as slow as her humans indicate. She has, we think. enjoyed having her coat on for outings in the recent cold weather. She has discovered the joys of a squeaky toy rugby ball. Lastly for now, we are finding that Evie does not mind the rain too much ? she probably minds it less than we do! ? though the clock change has been a bit confusing now it gets dark for the evening walk. She can?t understand why ?tea-time? has been put back either, so we are changing feeding times gradually. We hope you can meet Evie at one of the DAWG events in the near future! Julie & John. 174897498 Flash Flash is doing very well! He has settled in and is very much part of the family. He was a bit nervous at first and woke us up with a wet nose quite early but soon waited for us to get up. He has met lots of friends and is always perfectly behaved with everyone. He has visited Bridlington and run around on the beach which he was very excited about. Flash has been camping, stayed at a friends house with us and hosted a party at our house where he insisted on being the centre of attention. He is still rather wary of other dogs and tries to pretend he is not there by hiding behind me when another dog appears. He loves being with us in the car but has to be in the boot where he will happily sit and lie. He has been unwell recently, as he upset his stomach by eating a kilo of cheese that had been kindly left out by one of the teenagers. He has also discovered how to get into the bin and will eat just about anything. He loves to roll around in the long grass and laughs. He is usually a happy boy and is always excited to see us and loves having his stomach tickled and getting cuddles. We are all so pleased to have Flash - thankyou for bringing him to us! 174924096 Freddie A very handsome big brindle boy, with lots of personality. Freddie loves his walks and has ?best friends? Radar and Signal? with whom he loves to run. He also has a special girlfriend called ?Bella? she is a little whippet/lurcher. Freddie loves to play with his squeaky and fluffy toys. A lovely happy boy, who has been very lucky in finding himself a wonderful home for life. 174924179 Gabriel Just a few words about my friend Gabriel. We have had the pleasure of Gabriel living with us for the last five weeks. What a wonderful dog he is. We were only going to foster a dog, but after the first week we knew he was for us and would not be giving him up. He is clean in the house, sleeps all night, (and all day if left alone,) eats all his food, and he has given us all his trust and affection. There is no aggression whatsoever in him, he loves attention, and he gets that in plenty, especially when we have visitors, or family visits. Full marks to Linda, who looked after him for the first few months, and must have certainly saved his life and brought him back to health and taught him that not all humans are nasty people, as it must have been in his earlier life, on the Flapper tracks. He has certainly won over mine and Pauline's hearts, even after only the first week of his company. There are four things he likes. The first is his soft bed and a very close second is his cuddles, then his food, (what an appetite he has) and, lastly, his walks, he is still on the lead, but I think he is close to being let off, if the conditions are right. He is getting to know his way around this new area he now lives in and looks up at me if I go a different way, as much to say do you know where you are going. He certainly has his own character, and it is lovely. Gabriel and I have just come home from visiting my old school friend in a nursing home. He is blind and has advanced dementia, Gabriel managed to get a small reaction from him, which was a huge improvement from my previous visits. Gabe, was a great attraction to the residents and the nurses at the home and they all want him to come back soon. Thank you Gerry and Linda for bringing him to us. 174924501 Jasper It?s now three weeks since Jasper came to live with us and he?s settled in really well. He?s realised that Bella (also a former Bristol DAWG dog) is the boss, but he doesn?t seem to mind. He loves my daughter, Daisy,and follows her everywhere. It?s lovely to watch them run together, we throw the ball for Bella and he just takes off after her so he gets his exercise chasing Bella. He?s a very cuddly dog and loves just being close to you, usually on the sofa with his head on your lap. 174948731 Jenson Just thought I?d let you know how Jenson is getting on. We see a little bit more of his character coming through every day, I reckon it takes a re-homed dog around two years to settle into a new home. In Jenson?s case as he?s had so many homes before us it may take a little longer. I am a strong believer in regular routine for a dog, this helps them to know what?s expected of them and makes them feel more secure. Sometimes I feel there?s an invisible string between Jenson and me, he attaches his nose to my leg and follows me around the house! I take him out early in the morning and let him have a free run on the Downs, he really enjoys this and teases me by running round me in ever decreasing circles ?wuffing? each time he passes! Every one we meet loves him, even though sometimes they don?t know what sort of dog he is. I try to spread the word of how so many are looking for homes and how badly most of them are treated. I?ve even got a Greyhound Trust wheelcover on the back of my Land Rover. We feel very fortunate to have Jenson and can?t understand why previous owners rejected him. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to look after him, hopefully this will be for the rest of his life. 174948876 Jess Jess is our 6 year old ex-breeding whippet, saved from possibly being put to sleep after being handed in to a dog warden. She was given up when her usefulness to her owner had passed. She had only ever lived outside, never knowing the comforts of home or the companionship of other dogs. When she came to us, she was very insecure, unsure of the world around her, scared of noises and dogs she didn't know... she had never even been allowed on grass before. After a few months of gently introducing her to life, and learning from our other dogs, she soon realised she didn't have to be scared. Now she is a cheeky little girl who demands... and gets!... lots of love. She adores being part of our 'pack' and revels in all the attention she gets from people when we're out and about fundraising! 174949124 Jimmy Jimmy is one of four dogs which arrived on 8 September from Ireland. These dogs travelled for 20 hours before reaching our kennels and even though they were probably exhausted from the journey, they still greeted the kennel staff with wagging tails and lots of licks ? which says everything about what wonderful dogs Greyhounds are. All four dogs would like to say a ?BIG THANK YOU? to Eila in Ireland for rescuing them. Jimmy has been rehomed with Jean and Freddie in Stoke Gifford. Jean says: Jimmy and Freddie are getting on so well, Freddie adores him. Jimmy must be the sweetest dog ever. He is learning so much in such a short space of time. A very intelligent dog. 174924294 Katie Katie has a lovely home now, in the Forest of Dean with Gary and Linda. This is what Linda has to say about her: Katie is so settled in now. She is an absolute star - such a sweet dog and so funny too. She is quite lazy and on our walks is constantly behind everyone else just taking her time, sniffing the bushes and watching what's going on. If Breezer decides to go for a run then Katie is there with her but otherwise she just ambles about! She's been on her first trip to the beach and on a camping trip and takes it all in her stride. 174972259 Leah (was Star) Star joined Eddie on 25 September 2011: She's absolutely lovely, bright as a button, cheeky monkey, and a complete mini me of Eddie! She's been sooo good, picked her spot in the garden for wees etc and not one accident and her tum's fine now (she's even on a bit of Butcher's tripe with the dry stuff). We're calling her Leah as I had a wonderful dog years ago called Leo (and not surprisingly she had no idea what her name was!). We're off to the Severn Beach field this afternoon to let them play safely offlead. They've been really sweet with each other - very deferential and respectful of each other's space. They now sleep side by side on the floor in the bedroom! Not a murmur out of them. Ed lets her take the lead - he really is a soppy big wuss! She tries to eat out of his bowl and he steps politely away!! I'm convinced they're related, they both do the same paw wave and when they settled down on the sofa last night next to me they both sighed and grunted together and then dipped their heads identically. Her tattoos were never registered so as you said she was a non-chaser or too slow (bless her, so lucky she's still here). Here's a picture of them both together: 174897173 Leonard Hello my fellow dog friends and the lovely humans that looked after me at DAWG! OMG where do I begin?! I have found my forever home and I am settling in nicely, so my family tell me. I have two beds, can you believe it...TWO!! One bed is for me to stay in when my owners go to work and my other bed is in the living room, in front of the fire. I am so cosy there that I live up to my name of 'Lazy Lenny'! I love going out for walks and I am learning to walk to heel. I get so excited, I wont let my owners put their shoes on!! I go out in the morning before my family go off to work and school and then when my owner (I call Mummy) comes home. We walk through fields and along old tramways and I love to meet and say hello to other dogs and their owners, who are so kind to me. I have made two very special play mates, Callie and Alex. They love to play with me and we have so much fun! I keep hearing them say that I am having a 'mental moment'! This happens quite often as I love my new toys. My family say that I am doing really well. I love my food, a lovely brush and lots of cuddles. Apparently I have a cheeky side... when my owners sit together on the sofa I like to pop my head between them and steal the cushions! They look much nicer in my bed!!! I also like woolly hats and gloves! I have got a lovely, warm fleece blanket which I like to pull over me to get comfy. This makes everyone laugh! I have to share my new home with 'Minky', a little, rather cute, fluffy bunny! I am getting used to him and every time I walk past him without a fuss I get a cube of cheese. I think I can tolerate him but we will never be best buddies. My family keep telling me that they love me and that they feel very lucky to have me. I can't believe my luck and I will continue to be a good boy. I hope all my friends that I shared the kennels with will find their forever home and be happy, just like me. I want to say a big thank you to all the lovely humans, especially Mandy, who cared for me and my friends and helped turn our lives around. 174972537 Lily (was Ruby) Ruby is a pretty little black long haired lurcher and a real live wire! When Jen and her husband first adopted her, she was very bolshy towards one of their other dogs and there was some doubt over whether they would be able to keep her. However, they persevered and, as you can see from the photographs, the problem has been well and truly solved! 177866490 Lolly Lollie the lurcher was a much loved family dog who, sadly, came to us due to a marriage break up. Happily, we were able to rehome her immediately to another family situation and here are some photos of her in her new home. Here's what Lollie's new Mum has to say about her: We entered Lollie in the Axbridge Dog Show run by Labrador Rescue today, and she came first in the obedience class!! Her first rosette with us! It adorns her "bedroom" as I write. Lollie is still a very obedient, happy and much loved member of the family, and tolerates the children so well. She was so protective of them on holiday, looking out for them when they were in the sea and on fun rides. It's as though she has always been here, we love her so much. 175682150 Lou (was Lucy) Pretty, petite, little black bitch with a very cheeky side to her, but has the sweetest face like butter wouldn?t melt in her mouth!! Lou lives with Basil, who is also a Bristol DAWG dog. Rick and Agi originally adopted Lucy and very quickly came back and adopted Basil as a friend for her. Lou is definitely in charge, but Basil doesn?t seem to mind and both dogs get on extremely well together, and love to run and play. Rick and Agi?s once lovely lawn now looks like a racetrack, but think they will forgive these two anything. These two dogs have definitely landed on all eight paws!! 175683182 Louis I adopted Louis nearly 2 years ago, after having to have my greyhound Luke put to sleep, after suffering a stroke. My remaining hound Bryn was devastated being without a companion as he had lived with Luke since he was a 10 month old puppy. I saw Louis on your wedsite and thought he might make a good friend for Bryn. They met at DAWG and got on well from the start. They now reside in a luxury kennel (my dining room!!!!) complete with a DAB radio which is tuned to radio 2 for their relaxation. They both enjoy running around the garden and long walks on the Bristol/Bath cycle path, and of course sleeping. 175683428 Louis (was Fly) Just to let you know that Louis is doing absolutely fine and is spoiled rotten, (wouldn't have it any other way) he really is quite a character and is loved by many, quite a lot of people have asked where we got him from and your details have been passed on! 175683686 Luna Our lovely Luna, an ex racing 4 year old Greyhound, arrived at DAWG from Ireland in 2012 quite a timid, quiet girl. My daughters and I met her in June 2012 while she was being fostered in Bristol. I remember when I first met her at her foster home she came straight over and rested her head on my lap - I was smitten. Of course I?ve since learned that she?s a bit of a tart and actually enjoys attention wherever she can find it! DAWG trustees and Foster family did a great job of picking us for Luna (yes I did get that around the right way around didn?t I Gerry!); learning what our lifestyles were like and what sort of people my daughters and I were. Luna has fitted right in and we?ll never look back. From foster she was already house trained and perfect on the lead, we knew her only remaining major issue was busy roads. Luna has been part of the family now for just over a year and what a gorgeous loving; gentle; cheeky; lazy; and, occasionally, loony lady she is. She has even conquered her traffic phobia, happily popping along to see a recent motor bike trial! Luna loves meeting up with all her two and four legged friends at DAWG. Although she hates water, she can?t wait to stretch those long legs on another visit to the beach soon. Now officially registered as a PAT Dog (Pets As Therapy) she will soon be lapping up the attention at hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc and I hope bringing joy to many more people. 181666273 Maggie Whilst attending a talk by Bristol DAWG at my local riding club, a white and black ex racing Greyhound, called Maggie, came up to me and put her head on my knee for me to stroke her, which I did without thinking. Well, that was it, I was smitten. I like to think she chose me so, with some very skilful talking and persuading, my husband said it was ok for us to have Maggie on a two week trial. He was concerned that it might upset our old dog Candy, who is fifteen, which I agreed was a worry. Kiera, on the other hand, our lurcher, needed a playmate, so I contacted Gerry from DAWG and she was delighted. Well, to cut what could be a very long story short, we have now fully adopted Maggie and she is a very welcome addition to our family. She is fab. So many thanks from me and Maggie to Bristol DAWG for getting us together. Oh and by the way Candy loves her and so does Kiera. 175683727 Maggie (was Cammie) Thank you so much again for finding us Maggie! As you know she was hard work to begin with and we almost gave up but just to let you know that she has turned into a little darling, she is a completely different dog which goes to prove that with lots of TLC they really can change no matter what they have been through. She is so confident, she has a brilliant personality and is so very happy with her new family. 175683715 Maia Michelle and Tony were constantly pestered by their son for a dog, so they decided to ?foster? Maia in November 2010, the rest is history and in January 2011, they decided that they just couldn?t bear to part with her and they officially adopted her. Michelle says Maia now has her ?forever home? and she is very much a part of the family. Michelle describes Maia as a ?couch potato? who loves to lie on her sofa and watch TV!! ? what a life. Maia has a friend called Dylan, who was also a Bristol DAWG dog. Dylan lives in the same street as Maia, and although Dylan only has 3 legs, they run together and play. Dylan likes to lean on Maia (so sweet). Maia is a lucky girl to have found her new forever home. 175683994 Max Max is a real gentle giant and a clown to boot. Although he is an ex coursing dog, he lives with two cats, as well as his canine siblings. Max's house is surrounded by fields and he likes nothing better than standing at the back fence just watching the world go by. He spends most weekends out fund raising with his little sidekick, Daisy the whippet, both of them fast asleep, but loving the attention they get all the same. 175684153 Millie Would just like to say a big thankyou to all involved in us having Millie in our forever home . She has settled in so well & is enjoying her long walks over the fields & chasing the squirrels in the back garden . We are so happy to have her in our family :) 175682091 Misty (was Hazel) We were so delighted when we were able to take ?Hazel? now ?Misty? on our two week home trial. We already had a Greyhound/Lurcher cross and wanted a companion for ?Dexter?. To say that she has fitted that bill perfectly would really be an understatement. She has not only settled in but you would think she has always been with us. I regularly run (2/3 times a week) and normally take Dexter with me; now I also take Misty and they really do put me through my paces. She is fast which is good for me. Faster than Dexter but he is still the boss!! At home she is a delight - still a bit puppy? ish? can be prone to chewing things etc, but otherwise we wouldn?t know we?ve got her, she is so well behaved. She also seems to have a calming effect on the rest of the gang, that is the other 4 dogs, but above all, the most charming characteristic we see from her is her ?cheekiness? and coy look when she wants her own way. Anyway she is definitely part of the family now and we are so pleased to have her. Thank you so much DAWG, you do a fab job and we would have no hesitation in recommending you and perhaps even taking another off you at a later date. A big thank you. Mark and Karen Beasley 177864680 Moody (was Tommy) Moody likes to spend his days eating, chasing squirrels and watching telly - mainly Rugby!! He is fascinated by the advert of ?Doctor Who Dinosaurs?. Moody loves going out and gets on well with all dogs on his walks, but now has a new girlfriend, a Rotti called Lily, who he loves to play with. Moody is a very lucky boy to have found Tom and Suuz (thank goodness their 16 years old cat likes him as well). 177865373 Newt (was Brady) Just to let you know that Newt has settled in really well and is such a sweetie - I love him to bits! He's still nervous around new people but is getting more confident with socialising but mostly he just sticks close to me with his 'greyhound lean'. He greets me when I come in and we're working on his re-call. He's made himself at home and loves his bed and has recently discovered the sofa...He's met lots of furry friends but pays absolutely no attention to any of them including dogs, cats, sheep, horses or squirrels! He loves being in the car and settles down on his quilt for the journey to work. He's happy to be left in the house and is house-trained now; as soon as hears my alarm in the morning he comes upstairs and puts his nose around my door. We have our routine and he knows exactly what's going to happen. He really is the most fantastic dog: gentle, loyal, loving and amenable. He's made such a positive impact on my life already and I cannot imagine my life without him now. 177865509 Ozzie (was Tristan) & Chilli (was Tilly) Ozzy was adopted in March 2010 & Chilli was adopted this March. They both have huge characters and pretty much rule the roost although they have learnt to live with 2 grumpy cats, a chicken and the latest addition to the family of a 16 week old kitten - a source of endless amusement for them. At first we thought they were trying to eat the little thing but it turns out Ozzy just wanted to play and Chilli wants to mother it and carry it around in her mouth! If i had more space i would definitely adopt another one and would recommend the breed to everyone - they are such fun and loving dogs to be with. Anyone any ideas on how to stop them eating everything though as every day i come home to something new shredded!! 177865637 Red and Sami Red and Sami are two Irish greyhounds who lived with Jude and her family, including Max the border collie puppy, until Red sadly passed to the Rainbow Bridge in 2013. 189579526 Rolo (was Smartie) I can safely say that Rolo (formerly Smartie) has changed my life. He was an amazing dog from the start & it felt like he?d always lived with me! I would never have thought of getting a rescue lurcher but what a great decision. I did walk straight past him in the kennels and it wasn?t until I went on a DAWG social walk that I realised what a lovely dog he was.He?s extremely loving and is now my faithful companion! So don?t overlook the large black hounds! Rolo is loved by everyone ? his favourite past-time is squirrel hunting! When he?s not bombing around Snuff Mills after the squirrels; he?s playing with his mates in my local park; Elmo & Ollie are his best mates ? both rescue greyhounds. He is such an easy dog to have in the house; sleeping the day away on the sofa. He?s very quiet and gentle and never stops wagging his tail! He?s a super clever chap and has learnt so much in the three months I've had him and is about to take his Bronze Award! He now goes around all the other dog walkers in the park sitting beautifully or even doing a bow to see if he?ll be rewarded with a treat! If you?re thinking of adopting a hound ? go for it! You won?t regret it! 177865833 Ronni (was Robyn) When Robyn came into DAWG, she suffered terrible allergy problems which manifested themselves in itchy paws. Then, lucky Robyn was rehomed with Kerry and her husband and was renamed Ronni - Ronni Barker, in fact - and with plenty of TLC, the itch was brought under control. It still causes some problems, but, as you can see from the photos, Ronni is a very well loved and happy girl. 177866241 Sam Amazing as it might be, Sam has only been with us since April 2012, it feels like forever because he is such a good boy. Before Sam moved in Holly was very distressed after losing Red (her brother), bed wetting & howling when left, this all stopped within days of Sam's arrival. Holly and Sam are now firm friends and partners in crime! In the time we have had Sam he has been a very busy boy with holidays in Tideswell, Dorset and three weeks in France where he and Holly had a swim in the Mediterranean, they were both a great hit with the French who tend to own 'handbag' dogs! We would like to thank all the DAWG trustees for their help and kindness and look forward to continuing to assist where ever we can in fundraising. 177866946 Sooty Sweet little Sooty is a lovely Whippet X, who has been adopted by a single Mum and her daughter. The lady in question was looking for a great family dog as her daughter is only four. Sooty and the little girl are a match made in heaven, they just get on so well, and Sooty is just perfect in every way for his new family. Sooty enjoys long walks and loves to swim, he has lots of doggie friends. Initially he didn?t like being left on his own as he was always used to the company of another dog, but his new Mum has gradually left him on his own for short periods and there is now no separation anxiety at all. This is a wonderful little chap who thoroughly deserves this great home. 177867038 Sophie It seems hard to believe now that just over a year ago we were between fosters when we took on a puppy that had been rescued by Cork Dawg in southern Ireland. A couple of days later she was brought over with her fellow rescues and we picked her up that same evening. When we first met her, she had just had a bath to help sort out her terrible Mange. We could not believe how small she was and how she had managed to survive her ordeal. We took her home and introduced her to the rest of the pack, two Greys, Trickie and Amber and our Lurcher Megan. Our youngest son christened her Sophie and instantly they were inseparable. By the next morning we asked if we could adopt her. Over the following weeks her coat grew back, she came out of her shell and was taught how to be a loony puppy by Megan and how to chill by the Greys. Within a couple of months she grew into a beautiful long legged Saluki. She loves running on the beach and is now almost as fast as our middle aged Greys much to their disgust. Over the summer she went camping in the Isle Of Wight and Devon which she loved. 177867112 Tamsin Tamsin is Moody?s sister. Words that describe Tamsin ?Little Miss Mischief?. When Rob and Kay first got Tamsin she was scatty and a real handful, but now goes to Castle Court Dog Training and is improving all the time. She loves to play in the park with her doggie friends which include a Lurcher and a Pitbull X, both of which she can run rings around ?she is so fast. In one of her ?naughty moments? she managed to slip her lead, took off across the fields, went into a nearby house, and came out of the conservatory door with a large ham sandwich in her mouth, with a gentleman chasing her with a walking stick!! Kay & Rob have a caravan so Tamsin goes on lots of holidays and really enjoys running on the beach. BEWARE PEOPLE WITH PICNICS!! Tamsin has been fundraising for DAWG and is extremely popular with the public as she has a ?grinning face? which you just can?t resist, and her tail is always wagging. She is such a happy girl. Poor Tamsin didn?t have much as a puppy, but she is definitely making up for it now. She is much loved by her new family. 177891996 Taran Sweet little Taran is an absolute darling, when he arrived at Bristol DAWG he was in terrible condition, one of the worst cases of neglect we have seen. He immediately went into a foster home, where he stayed for many months until he was well enough to be rehomed. He has now been adopted by Clare and Garth and has a wonderful new home, where he is very loved and spoilt. Clare and Gareth are still working on socialising Taran and getting him used to other dogs, but he attended our dog show on the 10th September, and he was an absolute little angel and was so well behaved. He did actually win a 3rd Prize Rosette ? well done Taran. Clare has bought Taran a huge bed, it is big enough for a Great Dane!! perhaps there might be room for another at sometime in the future? 177892041 Tesla Tesla (formerly Angelo) has settled in fully now and is very happy with his brother Dude (who is also very happy with his new best friend!). They are inseparable and do everything together from sleeping a lot, running at breakneck speeds and playing out. We've all been on a few camping trips, plenty of days out and long walks every day. He's even won a prize and a medal at a doggy birthday party "sausage and spoon" race! Tesla's condition has improved greatly and his coat is much thicker now. He's also got really toned with all the blazing around with Dude. Thank you again for providing this little gem. We're all enjoying life together. 177892240 Tessa Tessa is one of four dogs which arrived on 8 September from Ireland. These dogs travelled for 20 hours before reaching our kennels, and even though they were probably exhausted from the journey, they still greeted the kennel staff with wagging tails and lots of licks ? which says everything about what wonderful dogs Greyhounds are. Tessa was born in 2009. She is a very gentle little girl who wasn?t good enough on the track and was therefore unwanted, like so many others!! She is very sweet and loves human contact and just can?t wait to meet people. Tessa has now found a lovely home and has settled in very well, sleeping on her owners' bed at night and on the sofa in the daytime! 181782165 Tilly Sweet, pretty little Tilly has landed on all four paws with her new family. Tilly loves all dogs both large and small and is a very socialable girl. Like most Greyhounds the most important thing in their life next to food is sleep, and she loves her basket to snuggle down in and have forty winks ? or perhaps just a few more!! She has her own box of toys which she loves to play with. Tilly is adored by her new family and I am sure they couldn?t imagine life without her now. 177892315 Tizzy (was Tina) Tizzy came to us from a lovely foster family in Nailsea, who taught her how to live in a house nicely. They did a very good job at house training, socialising and getting her to walk on the lead. Now, with us in north Bristol, Tizzy has settled in brilliantly and has got used to our family life. She particularly enjoys snoozing on the sofa (like most greyhounds do!) and lying on the lawn on sunny days! She gets on very well with other dogs and children. She loves our routine and walks up to school with us most mornings, and enjoys the attention from adults and children alike. She enjoys walking round the park making new doggy friends, and the occasional run when in the mood. Most of the time Tizzy is a calm and sensible dog but she does sometimes have crazy moments when she bounces around spinning pirouettes and tail wagging around the house and the park - it is a joy to watch! Tizzy has a brilliant attitude towards learning commands (or is it treats?), and is doing really well in the dog training classes she goes to. She has learnt come, sit, lie down and leave so far. Well done Tizzy! Tizzy is a very gentle, obedient, friendly and sociable dog. We are very pleased with her and definitely would recommend a rescue greyhound to anyone wanting a great companion! 177892327 Willow What a pretty, petite girl and oh so sweet, Willow was adopted at 3 months old and has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Willow loves her own bed, but often ?visits? her owners' bed!! She tries to make friends with squirrels!! She likes to paddle but is definitely not interested in swimming. Her new owners say ?they love her to bits and can?t imagine life without her and their children think they have lost the plot?!! Willow also lives with a cat, which she is very fond of. Willow is lucky to have found such devoted owners who obviously love her very much. 177892383