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Some Happy Endings


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Brett is our first hound, he came to us as our fourth foster fur-baby but, after a couple of weeks he had fitted in so well with us and our other two dogs, that we just couldn't bear to part with him. He was very skittish when he first came home, scared of most things, cars, noises, the garden hose! But now, with help from Holly, he will jump in the paddling pool when back from a walk and even enjoys being shampooed and blow-dried! He's such a dream dog to have, he's fun, never a dull moment between him dancing around the garden snapping at daddy-long-legs, or coming home to find what he's stolen today (tea-bags, hot chocolate, toilet roll, toothpaste etc). He loves the attention of Maddie, the older girl in the house, I think he responds to her slightly bossy and demanding nature... when dinner is being prepared she wants him front and centre in the kitchen and if he's late getting there she's off chasing him around the house until he's in his proper position! We've taken him to a few training sessions, which he enjoys for the fuss and the sausages, but we feel he's more of your I'll-sit-here-and-look-pretty type of dog! He spends most of his life in one of two positions, either laid flat out, gently extending a paw at any passing person (or dog) for attention, or sat up on his sofa looking totally satisfied with his lot in life... I know we are!
Posted on February 14, 2013