Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


All at Bristol DAWG would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the kind people who have very generously sent donations to help us through the Covid 19 Pandemic, as we are unable to get out and about fund raising.

Stay safe everybody!

DAWG members, how would you like to win the Bristol DAWG lottery?
To help with the running costs of the new Rescue Centre, it has been decided to consider running a Bristol DAWG Lottery.
To make this worthwhile we need a minimum of 100 members to take part. DAWG's Facebook page has nearly 2,500 members so we would like to think that at least 100 members want to help us going forward.
The cost would be £10 per month payable by standing order. There would be a draw every month and based on 100 members the winner would receive £300, the runner up £100. There will also be a one off annual Christmas draw where the winner would receive £1,000 and the runner up £200. The more members that take part, the bigger the prizes would be.
Please  PM Gerry on Facebook  saying if you would be interested and how many tickets you would want each month – entry is £10 per month per ticket.
If the required minimum number of 100 is reached we will then be in touch to arrange everything.
We need your help towards running costs of the Rescue Centre – please consider helping and also have the chance to “Win The Lottery”.

5 April 2020

The first lottery draw was made today by the lovely ladies from Platinum Petcare and the winner was Marcus Watts, a longtime supporter of Bristol DAWG, who promptly donated half of his winnings back to us! second prize went to our own Colin Watkins who also donated.

8 April 2020

Matt Scott, manager of Pets at Home, Emersons Green earned our undying gratitude today by undergoing a sponsored head shave which brought in a total of over £500. Matt has always been a keen supporter of Bristol DAWG which we very much appreciate.

23 April 2020

There hasn't been a lot to smile about just lately, but this will put a smile on lots of faces - especially yours Eila Moloney.

In November we had a lovely big boy called Lincoln arrive, he was quickly re-homed to Lyn and Tony who only live a few streets away from our secretary, Gerry. Renamed Archie, he settled into home life like a dream.

Just before "lock down" we had Archie's sister arrive from Ireland (Saoirse), it would have been rude not to let Lyn and Tony know that we had her!!

Surprise, surprise they agreed to "foster" her. The rest is history, Saoirse (now renamed Liberty) is being adopted by Lyn, Tony and her big brother Archie.

Thank you to Eila Moloney for saving these two beautiful dogs and to Lyn and Tony for adopting them.

25 April 2020

Hello fellow Dawgers how would like to help Karen Austin raise some much needed funds for Bristol DAWG whilst filling your home with a wonderful aroma? For just £2 per entry you can enter the raffle as many times as you like. 100% of the many raised from this raffle is going directly to Bristol DAWG.

The prize is six hand made, highly scented Soy Wax Met Snap Bars (made by Karen) a wax warmer and some tea lights. The scents of the bars are:
Snow Fairy
Dreams (Lenor Unstoppables)
Monkey Farts ( definitely much nicer than greyhound farts)
Baby Powder
USA Clean Cotton
Fresh Linen

Karen is happy to post the prize or arrange a non contact collection/delivery if local. Thank you very much for your support

27 April 2020

Another busy day at the rescue centre. Mandy Jayne very kindly created this artwork of her lovely Lola and it now has pride of place on the wall alongside our rustic planters. Lola will sit here watching over the kennel dogs. Thank you Mandy, It looks fab