Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

April 2018

5 April 2018

Meet our new dogs who arrived in the early hours.

Skye and Rocky, who are siblings, and Barney (black boy) who is quite small, more greyhound bitch size.

All dogs lovely.

8 April 2018

Massive thank you to Jayne Hemmingsley and Jess Ward. A very kind lady, who is known to Jayne, was moving and decided to give lots and lots of new clothes and handbags to Jayne. Jayne, Jess and Diane Sweet all took items and held "open house" days and from the clothes sale to date raised £505!!! - Wow! Amazing ladies thank you so much.

9 April 2018

Gerry went to visit Candy this afternoon, who has been adopted by the Gorwill family in Stockwood. Poor little Candy arrived at Bristol DAWG in terrible condition, but she looks so different now. In just a short time she has gained weight and her fur has started to grow back.

We must say a massive thank you to Anne Hutton who very kindly fostered this sweet girl whilst she was waiting for her forever home.

Candy now has a new friend called Wilfred (also a lurcher) and they get on really well - it couldn't have been a better match.

To see Candy cuddled up on the sofa made Gerry's day.

12 April 2018

Good news, sweet little Birdy, who arrived at Bristol DAWG back in November last year, has found her forever home in Weston-Super-Mare with John and Karen.

This lovely girl arrived from Ireland in quite poor condition, marks on her face - she had obviously been muzzled for long periods - and a very bald bottom and thighs!! Thanks to Penny Owen who fostered Birdy, she is now in fabulous condition - greyt job Penny!

Have a happy life in your new home Birdy.

18 April 2018

Bernie, Jim and Ted arrived at Tonew Kennels from Ireland in the early hours of this morning to seek their furever homes. Good luck you three and thank you Kristie and James for getting up to welcome them.

22 April 2018

Gerry enjoyed spending an hour with Elaine and Terry this afternoon. Paperwork all complete and it's now official Chanel (now Nell) is part of the Wall family. Nell and Denis are getting on really well and Nell is certainly enjoying the new conservatory!!! 
Thank you for giving both Nell and Denis a wonderful new home, they are very lucky dogs.
Massive thanks also to Deborah Martin for very kindly fostering this sweet girl whilst she was waiting for her forever sofa. 

29 April 2018

Massive thanks to David Hunt who very kindly undertook a car boot for Bristol DAWG and raised £36.76. We are so grateful to the people who support the work we do.