Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


All at Bristol DAWG would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the kind people who have very generously sent donations to help us through the Covid 19 Pandemic, as we are unable to get out and about fund raising.

Stay safe everybody!

1 August 2020

What a greyt start to August as Alert (now Willa) - finds her forever home with Sophie and her family. Be happy beautiful girl.

5 August 2020

This month's lucky lottery winner is Geraldine Moore - congratulations Geraldine! The runner-up is Catherine Hendy.

If anyone is interested in joining the monthly lottery please get in touch..

12 August 2020

We are now in a position to offer boarding to dogs that have been previous residents of Bristol DAWG. Spaces will be limited, as we only want to keep this on a small scale, but we are constantly asked for recommendations when people are looking to go on holiday or that odd weekend away.
To leave your dog with us we would need to see proof that your dog is fully vaccinated and has had the kennel cough vaccine – sadly we are not able to accept any dogs without up to date vaccinations. 

12 August 2020

Congreytulations Hazel (now Gracie) on finding your forever home with Nicky Markram and her family Have a happy life together.

Thank you once again to Eila Moloney for rescuing  yet another Irish greyhound.

18 August 2020

Fab start to the week, our lovely white girl Magda has found her forever home. Now called Frankie, she’s gone to live in Nailsea with Kevin and Sue. It’s pretty clear that they love her already and she will have a lovely life with them.

20 August 2020

The above four beauties arrived at the rescue centre from Ireland in the early hours of Thursday morning. From top left: Conan, Finn, Millie and Sky.

Please note, they will not be available until they have been assessed.

20 August 2020

Gerry spent a lovely morning with Jayne Hemingsley, tea, biscuits and adoption of Pat (now renamed Jax), what a lovely way to start the day.
Jax has been on home trial with Jayne as she also has two other greyhounds from Bristol DAWG, Eddie and Flynn. She also has little Dorothy, the terrier, who has already become good friends with Jax.
Jayne is such a wonderful owner and these dogs will never want for anything again.
Thanks to Eila Moloney for rescuing Jax, Eddie and Flynn.

22 August 2020

Gerry and Hilly spent a pleasant hour this afternoon completing the paperwork for the lovely Fawna, now renamed Olive.
She has gone to live with the Pope family in Emersons Green and, although at the time of the visit she had only been there a few hours, she already looked very settled.
Thank you to the Pope family for giving Olive a wonderful new home, and also thanks to our good friend 
Eila Moloney 
for rescuing her in Ireland.

23 August 2020

Gerry popped in to complete the formal adoption for Paddy this morning. He has gone to live in Yatton with Keith and his children who are really pleased with this lovely boy. Fair to say that Paddy has already taken to home life.
Thank you Keith Bean for giving this super boy a second chance in life and to Eila Moloney for rescuing him in Ireland. Another success story.

27 August 2020

Another happy re-homing in Bradley Stoke, great news it's only a couple of streets away from Gerry, so hopefully she will see him regularly.
Sky (now renamed Kobi) has gone to live with Dawn and Gary, who have a lovely home to offer this super boy. Be happy Kobi.
Thank you 
Eila Moloney 
for saving this sweet lad.

30 August 2020

Well we thought it would be a quiet walk today but you all had other ideas. Amazing turnout!! So lovely to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones and meet so many fantastic hounds. You all raised £700 which is the most we've ever taken on this walk. Will definitely organise some more. Thank you all for your support and particularly thank you to Catherine, Lynette and all their helpers for organising it.

31 August 2020

There are so many people to thank for helping this sweet girl. Sienna has gone to live in Yatton with Jo and Keith, plus Sophia, greyhound (also a Bristol DAWG dog), Scooby, lurcher (who I would have loved to bring home!!) together with rabbits and guinea pigs - such a happy household.
Many of you will remember Sienna was afraid of going outside of the garden so we did an appeal for a special home.
Sienna is now going on four short walks every day, sometimes it isn't very far, but a big step for Sienna. She is enjoying the company of Sophia and Scooby, which has given her confidence.
Thank you to
Michelle Cleary of Cleary Canines, who worked with Debbie Martin
while Sienna was in foster. Thanks also to Daisy Sweet for giving Sienna her first taste of home life
 and of course our very good friend Eila Moloney
for rescuing her in Ireland.
Be happy lovely girl and we hope to see you at the Rescue Centre for a run in the paddock.