Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

August 2022

5 August 2022

Congreytulations to this month's lottery winners:

£200 - Suus Knoops

 £50 -  Gaye Griffiths

2 August 2022

Many of our members will remember the lovely Becky who came to Bristol DAWG back in June after the death of her owner. At eleven years old and with a mouth full of rotten teeth, also needing to be spayed plus an operation for a couple of mammary tumours - the next few months were going to be difficult for this sweet girl.
The good news is she has had all her teeth removed and is now pain free, although a little messy when she eats and drinks!! The even better news is Peter and Patricia Morrison, who are fostering Becky, have decided that they cannot bear to part with her so have officially adopted her.
Becky still has a way to go as she will be spayed in October when they will also look at the mammary tumours.
Thank you to Pete and Tricia for adopting this sweet girl and to everyone who very kindly donated toward her veterinary bills.

21 August 2022

Thank you to everybody who came along to our kennels in Axbridge to support our fun dog show in whatever way. There was a barbecue and stalls as well as the show classes and over a thousand pounds was raised to help our good friend Eila Moloney rescue more greyhounds in Ireland. 

25 August 2022

Handover completed this morning for little Bee, with the most lovely ears!!!
Bee has gone to live in Weston-Super-Mare with Ben, Claire and their lurcher (Annie). Bee has been on a two week home trial just to make sure the girls get along and all has gone really well.
Thank you for giving this very sweet girl her forever home, and also thanks to our good friend Eila Moloney for saving her from the racing industry in Ireland.