Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Dogs are boarded at Knoll View at the owner's risk. No dog will be accepted unless proof of inoculation is provided prior to or upon arrival.


We are happy to feed your dog(s), we use a good quality dry food and tinned Butchers Tripe Mix or Step Up. However you may wish to supply your own food, which we are happy with. The choice is yours. Please advise us if there is anything your dog should not have i.e. may have sensitive stomach.

Whilst every care will be given to look after your dog(s), they are boarded at your own risk. By signing this declaration you authorise us to contact a veterinary surgeon on your behalf should we feel it is necessary. If you have Pet Insurance please advise us of your provider and the policy number. Please be aware that you will be liable to any veterinary care charges if applicable. Rest assured we will always do our very best for your dog(s).

We will lead walk your dog(s) in the field, but we also have a small secure paddock where he/she can have a run under supervision, please advise if this is acceptable.

Whilst your dog is staying with us we will put one of our ID tags on for additional security.

We try and be as flexible as possible, but ideally drop off/pick up should be between the hours of 9.30am – 4.30pm, 7 days a week.

Bristol DAWG do not have a Boarding Licence, however, because of the way our Adoption Contracts are worded – Clause (6) of your contract i.e. “The dog remains under the ownership of Bristol DAWG and we will request the return of him/her if at any time it becomes evident that he/she is not being correctly cared for”, we are advised by Sedgemoor District Council that we are permitted to board up to five dogs which have been re-homed by ourselves. We cannot charge a fixed fee for boarding this has to be done on a “donation” basis.
Donation to be by card, cash or via our Justgiving Page.

We retain essential client data for our purposes only and do not share any data with external organisations. You can request at any time by e-mail or telephone that we remove personal data from our records.