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Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


Hi, my name's Buster and I'm looking for an active, loving home, as my human Mum and Dad split up and, after trying to look after me on her own, my Mum's work means she's away a lot. She's raised me well though! I'm a galgo cross, so I suppose that makes me half Spanish and I'm still very young, I was born in September 2016, I'm medium sized and I'm really great fun! I need two walks a day but I also love sleeping and I don't mind being left at home either. I also love cuddles and my favourite place is under the duvet but my mum only lets me do that at weekends. My other favourite place is green with grass and I can go offlead! I'm now really good at going back to my Mum when she calls, especially if she's got ham - I love ham! love other dogs too, especially fast, bouncy ones that chase me. I pretend to be all shy at first, then once we've sniffed, I go zoomies with them if the humans let us. I know lots of human words too and some neat tricks, but I don't like to boast. I have some bad habits as well but I'm still a young dog and my cute face usually means I get forgiven very quickly and I am still learning. I'm not sure about little children though. I find them a bit scary. My human brother is fourteen and I love him so much, but the really little ones with squeaky voices and waving arms, I'd rather stay away from them. Well that's enough about me for now. My Mum says she'd still love to have me some weekends and holidays if my new humans have to go away without me.

Love and licks


Buster xx

Buster is being homed from his current home, but a homecheck still apply and a donation to Bristol DAWG would be greatly appreciated.