Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Current Sponsors of Bristol DAWG

BATH Carol – In memory of dear Archie & Dolly Bath, Graham and Carol

BEETLES Andrea - For all your good work Andrea, Matt and Flossie

BIRNIE-COLL Caitlin - With love and gratitude from Hal and his humans xxx
BERNHARDT Linda and Gary - Thank you to Bristol DAWG for all you do for the hounds

BLANNIN Emily - Pleased to support DAWG

BOAST Grahame - Thank you from Mollie and Jodie

BOWDITCH Brian - For Bonny

BOYCE Hayley - Huge thanks for Harry, Ian, Hayley, Hayden, Eve and Tricky

BROCKLESBY Sarah - Thank you for doing this work

BROWN Mel - Every dog must have his day

BUCKLE Clive - For Maisie

CAMPBELL Sally -  In loving memory of Paddy, larger than life! Sally, Abi and Ellen

CARLYON Wendy - Kindness and comfy beds start here

CLARKE Archie - Thank you for all the hard work you do love, Archie and Finn

CLEARY Michelle - Cleary Canines is proud to support Bristol DAWG


COPP Gwen - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

CRANSTON Jo - Thank you for our lovely Gertie from everyone at Queen and Whippet Catering


DALY Laura - For all dog lovers

DIXON Hilary - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG


EAGLE Caroline - It's all about the DAWG

EBRELL Julia - Thank you for Zak

FENTON Sarah and Steve - Happy to help these beautiful dogs

FIELD Debbie - Love from the Field Family

FILER Claire - In support of DAWG, Claire, Marcus, Gracie and Joe

FLOOK Shaun and KEYTE Kristian - Supporting the work you do

FORTUNE Jennie - Pleased to sponsor the hounds

FRY Greg - For the love of hounds

GALIERO Massimo and Anna - In loving memory of Luna

GWATKIN Julie and Paul - Thank you DAWG for our lovely Ruby

HARE Jackie and Dave - In loving memory of our beloved greyhound Meric

HEMMINGSLEY Jayne - in memory of Mr Woo

HICKS Rowena - Thank you for saving me and making me happy and loved, Princess Bluebell

HICKERY Celia and Jonathon - In memory of our dear friend Millie, who now travels the Pure Lands

HILL Rhiannon - In loving memory of Sage

HILL Wendy - Remembering special times with Aurora

HUNT Lynne - In memory of Rosie, our first greyhound

HYAM Ann - In memory of Barry, he would have loved it here  

HOLLOWAY Josie - Pleased to help the greyhounds and lurchers

JONES Moira - Big thanks to DAWG for all they do for the lovely dogs


KEMP Julie - I need a loving home!

KINGTON Natasha - Glad to help

KNIGHT Christine - Thank you for the wonderful work you do

LANE Elizabeth - In loving memory of my dogs, my best friends

LENNEY Phil and CUTHBERT Lynne - Happiness in my forever home, thank you, love Bree xx

LITTEN Jane - In loving memory of Polo, my first sighthound, and for Bunnie, Baloo and Penni

McEWEN-SMITH Hilary - For  Coley, Tristan. Heidi, Leo, Max and Daisy, remembered forever xxxx

MACKENZIE Sharon - In memory of our dear Fergus Lily

MAHER Kayleigh - In loving memory of Shamu

MARTIN Debbie - to help support my lovely Harry

MOORE Debbi - In loving memory of Arnie

MOORE Jerry - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

MORRISON Peter and Tricia - In memory of Blue

MUTON Norman and ROBBINS Bridget - Thank you for letting us give Zulu a home 


NECK Catherine - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

NEVE Andrea - In loving memory of Barney

PETS AT HOME Bradley Stoke - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

PETS AT HOME Eastgate - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

PLATINUM PET CARE Kim and Megan Simpkins-Jenkins - Happy to have DAWG as our named charity

POLLARD Helen - For all the other Caras out there

POWELL Rea - Pleased to support the work of Bristol DAWG


RADFORD Sally - Thank you DAWG, you are  doing a wonderful thing

RICE Jackie - In memory of Blue


ROBERTS Charlie and Suzy - To help more beautiful hounds like our Teddy


ROUNSLEY Sue and Dave - Pleased to support this great charity

SALTER Michelle - In memory of Macy, much loved and missed


SANDERS Joanne - Pleased to support DAWG

SHADBOLT Sally - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

SHEPPARD Malc and Jane - For Laddie and dogs like him

SINCLAIR Shirley - In memory of our beautiful boys Mickey and Roscoe

SMART Denise - For all the greyhounds we have loved, the Smarts

SPURRY Kerry - Many thanks for Ronni, love and support, Kerry and Dave

STONE Christine - Thank you for all your work


STONE Tim - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

SWAN Janet – Dearest Ellie ever in my thoughts

TABBERER Stephen - Pleased to support Bristol DAWG

VAUGHAN Lesley - In memory of my beautiful girl, Penny

WATKINS Colin and Gerry - Thank you for our two wonderful dogs, Amber and Duffy

WHITTAKER Debbie - Not allowed any more of my own!!!


WILLDIG Susanne and Victor - Thank you for our lovely DAWG dog

WINKWORTH Leigh - For my beautiful dogs that have been forever loyal xx

YOUNG Jude and Simon - In loving memory of Red