Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

December 2016

3 December 2016

We were well represented at the Christmas on the Hill parade at Staple Hill!

Thank you to everyone who went along and marched.

3 December 2016

Kim and Megan Simpkins-Jenkins very kindly organised an evening out at the Winterstream Farm for trustees, volunteers and supporters to celebrate the approach of Christmas. From left to right, above are Nigel Litten, Jane Litten, Jane Worth (treasurer), Gerry Watkins (secretary), Carol Phillips and Norman Worth.

3 December 2016

Christmas Raffle for Bristol DAWG!

Just £1 a ticket! all monies to the charity!

🐾Forthglade Christmas dinner
🐾 County Hunter rabbit tin
🐾Flashing safe stick
🐾 Organic Cotton Duck toy
🐾Lob it Reindeer
🐾Pet Munchies Beef liver sticks
🐾Sea Treats whole dried prawns
🐾Alpha Spirit cheese and yoghurt sticks
🐾 Whimzee crocodile and toothbrush
🐾 A selection of Arden grange and fish 4 dogs

Your chance to win this fabulous hamper for your dog just in time for Christmas!

£1 per ticket and 100% of the money goes to Bristol DAWG greyhound and Lurcher Rescue!

10 December 2016

Many thanks to the following kind people who have generously made donations at Christmastime: Robin and Gail Horsfall, Ann and Robin Potter, Julie Sims, Richard Slaughter, Wendy, Vicky and Roger Hargest, Community Vets (Portishead), Carol Phillips, J and J Lamoon, Daphne and Brian.

10 December 2016

A massive, massive, massive "thank you" to the following people who stood in the pouring rain for two hours at the Rovers Ground. Think it will be a brilliant collection, however, it won't be counted straight away due to the two inches of rain in the bottom of the bucket!!! 

Thanks also to the very generous supporters of Bristol Rovers who took the time to stop and pop money in our buckets.

Our dogs at the kennels are very grateful to everyone who helped today.

Nice hot bath, glass of wine and feet up for Strictly!!

Gerry Watkins

Sharon Hunt
Vicky Armstrong

Denise Smart
Victoria Webster

Sharon Foulger

Lynette Butler
Catherine Neck

Julie Cottingham
Roger Armstrong

Poor Sharon Hunt's dog, Lily, it was her first time fundraising, it has probably put her off for life!!

12 December 2016

Thank you so much to everyone who donated a present for our kennel dogs via Jo Upton's Christmas shoe box appeal. Our dogs will be very grateful, as are we. Thank you also to Jo for organising everything - our dogs will have a happy Christmas.

20 December 2016

We would like to thank Friends of South Glos Strays for the very generous food donation which I picked up from Emerson's Green today. Our kennel dogs will be most grateful. We wish all at FOSS a very happy Christmas and look forward to continuing our association in 2017 and beyond.

22 December 2016

For one lucky boy this week Christmas has come early!! The very handsome Hansel (now renamed Dennis - love the name) has gone to live in Stroud with his new owners Donna and Jim.

Thank you both for giving this lovely lad the best Christmas present ever.

23 December 2016
I would like to wish everyone at Bristol DAWG and Tonew a very Merry Christmas.and Happy New Year. Your support and kindness have been huge and has helped the dogs so much. The stories of rehoming give us the boost we need to go on when times are really bad. Over ninety greys found homes through rescue this year from us. I know it is only a drop in the ocean, but for those ninety plus dogs, it was life changing. That many lives saved... they would otherwise have died needlessly. Seeing Hansel (Dennis) in his new home is just the Christmas present i wish for all dogs. Dawgust had a direct impact on the number of dogs saved, as I could put the greys into private kennels until travel. Without the support of Gerry, Hilary, Jane, Debbie, Sharon, Mandy, Kristie and so many others, these noble dogs would stand little chance. I know.all dogs past, present and future would say Woofy Christmas one and all and thank you from our noses to our tails. I can only say thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Eila xxxx
23 December 2016
Kristie would like to say a big thank you to Santa Paws for kindly donating all these shoe boxes to the dogs in kennels that don't have a home for Christmas. He actually donated to GSDR, but we are going to share them all with the greyhounds.
DAWG would also like to say a big thank you to Kristie and GSDR for their generosity in sharing Santa Paws' donations.

27 December 2016

Today we send our congratulations and best wishes on their wedding day to Kristie Gammon and James Davies. Kristie works at Tonew Boarding Kennels and often goes above and beyond the call of duty by getting up at silly o'clock in the morning to welcome in new dogs, always with James' help and support. Have a wonderful day you two and a wonderful life together.