Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

November 2018 

Sadly we have had to postpone the Bingo Evening on 15 December 2018. This has been rearranged for Saturday 9 February 2019.

December is a busy month for many people and we were sadly struggling with numbers. It is hoped that lots of people will be able to join us in February 2019.

We would like to thank Megan Simpkins-Jenkins, Kim Simpkins-Jenkins, Sam Machin and Teela Prater for kindly offering to organise this evening, but sure they will be there for us again in February.

1 December 2018


In conjunction with Stacey Nevill Photography we have decided to create a Bristol DAWG Calendar.

Last year was the first year in many that we did not have one and I for one missed it!

SO! If you had your dogs photo taken at Stoke Gifford Dog Show by Stacey then there is a good chance your pooch could be featuring in the 2019 calendar!

Limited run of 100 calendars are priced at £7 each - preorder yours today!

100% of ALL profit from the sale of the calendar will go to Bristol DAWG!

5 December 2018

Happy Days!!!

Our lovely little Jaclyn (above left and now renamed Tarot) has found her forever home in Oldland Common with the Molloy family and their very handsome lurcher, Vladdy. I popped back today to complete all the necessary paperwork as Tarot has been on a two week home trial due to the fact that they have a cat!!

The home trial has gone smoothly and Tarot is not interested in the cat.

Massive thank you to Jane and her lovely family for very kindly fostering Tarot for a short while whilst she was waiting for her new home.

Enjoy your new life sweet girl.

5 December 2018

Many of our followers will remember Spots/Spotty who came into the care of Bristol DAWG several weeks ago.

Poor Spots arrived in poor condition and needed lots of teeth removing - 27!!! Spots, now renamed Peggy, has found her forever home in West Devon with Carol and her other two greyhounds, what a lucky girl she is.

We promised this sweet girl that we would really do our best for her, as we do for all our dogs, but because she certainly hadn't had the best for quite a few years, she was special.

Massive thank you to Amanda Jane for yet another brilliant foster - our Princetown Branch are wonderful!!!

Have a happy life Spotty Peggy you deserve it xx

6 December 2018

At the end of this week the gallery of photos from the ball will be taken down and the money donated to Bristol DAWG. Therefore If anyone else would like any photos, could you please complete your orders by the end of this week? Thank you!