Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


Hi everyone

My name is Harry and I have been at Bristol DAWG for four and a half years and during this time I have seen so many come and go. I have shared my kennel with so many greyhound girls I have lost count, they have all gone and I still sit patiently waiting – but four and a half years is a very long time in doggie years!

I am now seven years old and possibly not as attractive as the younger dogs as I have a little grey around my muzzle, but my personality makes up for a few grey hairs and Debbie says I am the most handsome boy ever!!!

I went to a home for a very short while and settled really well, but unfortunately I growled at one of the teenagers, I didn’t do anything terrible, but the charity would never put a young person at risk so it was decided that I had to be returned.

Since this happened the trustees now think they know why I growled. I had always been prone to ear infections, but these had become more frequent, and I was back and forward to the vets regularly and, in the end, Debbie insisted that the vets investigated further, so I was sent for an MRI scan and it transpired that I had a severe infection very deep in the ear canal, which did involve major surgery. The canal has now been removed so I will never suffer this terrible pain again. 

I originally came from a pound in the North East where I was due to be put to sleep, but Bristol DAWG heard about me and offered me a rescue space – I am so grateful.

Mandy and the girls at the kennels are wonderful to me and they treat me as one of their own. I go for walks every day with Jan and John and always give them a huge welcome when they arrive in the morning. Nana visits me during the day with my favourite custard creams and Mandy makes me the odd ham and Marmite sandwich!!!

Having had a taste of “home life” I am desperate for someone to give me another chance – I am looking for a home with either someone on their own or a couple, as I have so much love to give and so want to be part of someone’s life again.

As I am an ex-racer, like most greyhounds, I am quite interested in little dogs, so I would never be able to come off lead, but if I could just be a part of your life and have a couple of short walks a day, good food, nice toys and a warm basket, I would be the happiest dog in the world. The love I would give you in return would be immense.

The Summer nights will come to an end again too soon and the Winter nights are soooooooooo long in a kennel environment, I just want what all my friends are having now I know there is more out there for me. 

If you can make my dreams come true, please pick up the phone to one of the Trustees, I promise I will be the most loyal friend you have ever had.

I am sat at the front of my kennel waiting to meet you.

Unfortunately, I cannot live with small dogs or cats. 

For the right people the Trustees will consider a permanent foster home and the Charity will pay for all food and veterinary bills.

Yours, very hopefully!!