Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

January 2019 

6 January 2019

Gerry went to Chippenham this morning to complete the paperwork for Lily (now re-named Poppy). Still a shy girl, but improving all the time. Poppy has certainly landed on all four paws with Diana and Jim, just what this little girl needed - a lovely quiet home with people who love her.
Thank you Diana and Jim for giving Poppy another chance in life, and thanks to our very good friend Eila Moloney who saved this girl from the racing industry. 
Be happy Poppy xx 

The Fox, Yate will be holding a Charity Quiz Night with all proceeds to Bristol DAWG - thank you Deborah Herbert-Jarvis you are extremely kind to us.

This will be held on Monday, 28th January at 7pm. If you are able to attend it would be great to see you. Let's make this event a big turn out, so more money can be raised.

20 January 2019

Every year Gerry asks herself why she organises this event as it is such hard work and she feels shattered for days afterwards, but very rewarding seeing so many of our former residents and their owners of course.

Know this is a little long, but really do feel the need to thank so many people.

20th January 2018 – What a Greyt Day!! I think Bristol DAWG can safely say their eighth “Doggie Day” was a huge success. This event just gets more and more popular every year.

We were amazed at how many former Bristol DAWG dogs brought their owners along to see us!! – it is so rewarding to see so many of them, who are now in loving, forever homes, as many have not had the best start in life. So to all Bristol DAWG dogs, it was wonderful to see you and it makes all our hard work so worthwhile.

It was also great to see our foster families, without you we couldn’t save as many dogs – we are truly grateful for your support.

We would like to say a big “thank you” to Maria Lowe of Viking Vets who did a brilliant job judging the dog show, with so many dogs to choose from it must have been very difficult. Well done Maria, and thank you for all your help, support and hard work.

Thanks to Colin who helped Maria by stewarding the dog show, with so many dogs in the ring he had his work cut out. Leading up to the show he has also loaded/unloaded the vans, distributed leaflets, helped with admin and basically did everything asked and more – no wonder he says he is “Gerry's long suffering husband”!!

Well done to Sue and Dave for the speed at which they dealt with the dog show registration, as always they did a brilliant job.

Matt Donovan, South West Dog Skills, did a fantastic agility display, which was very much enjoyed by all watching, and you could see all their dogs were really having fun and enjoying themselves. Matt and his team then opened the agility ring to any dogs that would “like to have a go” and it was so funny seeing both dogs and owners who had never done any agility trying for the first time. Thank you Matt we are very grateful to you and your team for making our day such a success – your donation was also very gratefully received.

Fastest Sprint (with added distractions!!) – Su, Jason and Hannah very kindly ran this between them during the day and turned out to be great fun with lots of laughter coming from the far side of the arena, the treats half way into the sprint seemed to stop quite a lot of dogs in their tracks.

Refreshments – Carol, the two Julies and Donna worked really hard and, although busy most of the time, they seemed to keep the queue down so people didn’t have to wait long. You did a brilliant job, thank you. A big “thank you” to Carol Phillips for all the refreshments provided, you are extremely kind. Another huge "thank you" to Linda who provided all the cold drinks. Thank you Alison Howard for the hundred amazing cup cakes you made. Thanks to all our lovely volunteers who made cakes and delivered them on the day (too many of you to mention). Thanks to all the trustees who made rolls.

Jane and Diane’s DAWG Stall (helped by Daisy) - this stall did really well selling lovely collars, coats, toys, leads, knitted greyhounds – lots of items were handmade by Jane, well done Jane - brilliant job.

Thanks to Jane’s “long suffering husband” Norman, who was there from the beginning to the end lifting and shifting, whilst running back and forth to keep the hot water going for refreshments – what would we do without our husbands!!

Thank you Jess your hand knitted coats are just amazing, know you sold lots of coats with all proceeds to Bristol DAWG, there will be lots of warm hounds this Winter. Brilliant job.

Thanks to Jan Lasenby who also very kindly made various items to sell for Bristol DAWG – thank you for supporting us Jan. Thanks also to Keith (Jan’s husband) who helped setting up.

Platinum Pet Care – Wonderful stall. Thank you for your greyt support, not only at this show but also throughout 2018. Bread pudding was amazing Kim!!!

In The Dog House Grooming (Avalon) – thank you you did a wonderful job with the nail clipping, again with donations taken coming to Bristol DAWG, you are very kind – you must have clipped lots of nails this year or people were very generous!!

Bottle Tombola – Thanks to Sam, Aimee & Teela who ran this tombola – there were lots of lucky winners.

Thank you to Friends of the Animals who organised a tombola for us and donated the proceeds to Bristol DAWG – very kind ladies as I know you did this last year as well.

Well done Hilary and Nina who braved the cold doorway to take the entrance money – bit chilly ladies.

Donations - £125 handed to me on the day, very, very gratefully received, such lovely people support Bristol DAWG.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our event and helped us to raise an amazing £2,845.

Really hope no one's been missed out, but a huge "thank you" to every single volunteer who helped during the day.

24 January 2019

Today Bristol DAWG said a final goodbye to a dear friend and valued supporter, Roger Hargest. Our deepest sympathy goes to his widow Vicky.

25 January 2019

These five beauties arrived at Bristol DAWG in the early hours of this morning. Clockwise from top left: Fairy, Glory,  Roy, Sally and Mick. They will shortly be released for rehoming as soon as they have been assessed. As ever, our gratitude goes to Kristie and James for getting up at silly o'clock to welcome the hounds.

27 January 2019

Gerry spent a lovely hour today with Sarah, finalising the adoption for Daphne. Daphne now has a little Jack Russell friend, who is fourteen years old, but although Daphne is only just two they get on really well.

It is amazing to think that Daphne and her sister, Tarot (formerly Jaclyn), travelled all the way from Ireland together and they now only live a couple of miles apart. Hopefully one day they will meet up again.

Thank you Eila Moloney for saving this sweet girl and to Deborah Martin for fostering her whilst she was waiting for forever home.

28 January 2019

We would like to say thank you to The Fox at Yate who very kindly held a Quiz Evening  tonight which raised an amazing £252 for Bristol DAWG.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, it was lovely to see so many of our DAWG friends supporting this event, but for the trustees it was a really enjoyable evening, as we had to do absolutely nothing apart from take part - usually we are rushing here there and everywhere organising.

Thank you Deborah Herbert-Jarvis - we are so lucky to have such lovely people supporting the work we do.

PS the free food was great.

28 January 2019

Brilliant start to the week - Roger has gone to his forever home! Thank you so much to Jilly and Jonathan for giving this handsome boy his forever sofa and for your very generous donation. Be happy big fella xx
Many thanks to foster mum Penny Owen who has cared for Roger since August.

30 January 2019

We would like to say thank you to Support Pet Adoption and all the staff at Pets At Home, Emersons Green for all their efforts with the recent Santa Paws Appeal as a result of which we have received a cheque for £1,262.84. This is absolutely amazing and, as you can imagine, is very gratefully received.

Thanks to all our DAWG volunteers who gave up their time leading up to Christmas to represent us in store.

31 January 2019

Great finish to January - Flint has been adopted! This beautiful boy is having a great time in Weston-super-Mare with Holly and her lovely family. He also has three fur siblings, Ted, Bailey and his special girlfriend Tilly the teeny tiny Yorkshire Terrier. He is now called Finn and has settled in so well. Have a happy life lovely boy.