Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

January 2020   

1 January 2020

Wishing you and your hounds everything you wish yourselves in this new decade. It is a very exciting time for Bristol DAWG as we emba1rk on a new era in our new premises.

1 January 2020

A group of intrepid DAWGers and their hounds started the decade by blowing the cobwebs away with a bracing walk on Berrow Beach.

A greyt time was had by all and a repeat performance is planned for a few weeks time - watch this space!

1 January 2020

Our latest arrivals! What a way to start the year. Colin on the left and his brother Norman on the right.

11 January 2020

Gerry spent a lovely hour this morning with Lisa and Richard who have adopted Comet. This sweet boy seems to have grown two inches in the last two weeks!! but he is having the time of his life with his new best friend Coco, they are just amazing together and she is so good with him.

You may not have had the best start Comet, but I know you won't want for anything for the rest of your life.

Thank you to Suzy Man-Ray and Jo Upton for fostering this little lad, whilst he was waiting for his forever home.

17 January 2019

Happy boy Rocky has gone to his forever home this afternoon. He has gone to live in Fishponds with Christopher and Holly Adlem, what a lucky boy he is going to be.

We must thank Graham and Catherine Hendy for being super foster parents and looking after Rocky so well and teaching him about home life.

Thanks also to Eila Moloney for rescuing him in Ireland and transporting him to Bristol DAWG.

18 January 2019

Great news today - handsome brindle boy Laddie went to live with his new mum in W-s-M. This lovely boy has landed on all four paws, he’s being thoroughly spoiled having salmon for tea and being introduced to lots of new experiences. Thank you Susan for giving this boy his forever sofa. Have a long and happy life Laddie. 

19 January 2010

Total Doggie Day 2020 - £2,175
Know this is a little long, but really do feel we need to thank so many people.
19th January 2020 – What a Greyt Day!! I think Bristol DAWG can safely say their ninth “Doggie Day” was a huge success.
We were amazed at how many former Bristol DAWG dogs brought their owners along to see us!! – it is so rewarding to see so many of our dogs, which are now in loving, forever homes, as many have not had the best start in life. So to all Bristol DAWG dogs, it was wonderful to see you and it makes all our work worthwhile. 
It was also great to see our foster families, without you we couldn’t save as many dogs – we are truly grateful for your support.
We would like to say a big “thank you” to Maria Lowe of Viking Vets who did a brilliant job judging the dog show, with so many dogs to choose from it must have been very difficult. Well done Maria, and thank you for all your help, support and hard work.
Thanks to Colin who helped Maria by stewarding the dog show. Leading up to the show he has also loaded/unloaded the vans, distributed leaflets, helped with admin and basically did everything asked of him and more.
Well done to Sue and Dave for the speed at which they dealt with the dog show registration, as always they did a brilliant job.
Fastest Sprint (with added distractions!!) – Su, Jason & Laurella very kindly ran this between them during the day and turned out to be great fun with lots of laughter coming from the far side of the arena, the treats half way into the sprint seemed to stop quite a lot of dogs in their tracks.
Refreshments – Carol, Julie, Donna and Dave worked really hard and, although busy most of the time, they seemed to keep the queue down so people didn’t have to wait long. You did a marvellous job, thank you. A big “thank you” to Carol Phillips for all the refreshments provided, you are extremely kind. Another huge thank you to Linda who provided all the cold drinks. Thank you Alison Howard for the hundred beautiful cup cakes you made. Thanks to all our lovely volunteers who made cakes and delivered them on the day (too many of you to mention). Thanks to all the trustees who made rolls. A record total for refreshments!!
Jane and Diane’s DAWG Stall (helped by Lyn) - this stall did really well selling lovely collars, coats, toys, leads, knitted greyhounds – lots of items were handmade by Jane and Lyn, well done both of you, brilliant job.
Thanks to Jane’s “long suffering husband” Norman, who was there from the beginning to the end lifting and shifting – what would we do without our husbands!!
Thank you Jess your hand knitted coats are just fabulous,
there will be lots of warm hounds this Winter. Brilliant job.
Thanks to Jan Lasenby who also very kindly made various items to sell for Bristol DAWG – thank you for supporting us Jan.
Platinum Pet Care – wonderful stall! Thank you for your greyt support, not only at this show but also throughout 2020. Bread pudding was awesome Kim!!!
Joanne and Paige from Pets At Home, thank you for doing a wonderful job with the nail clipping, again with donations taken coming to Bristol DAWG, you are very kind.
Thank you to Funding Animals Futures who organised a tombola for us and donated the proceeds to Bristol DAWG – very kind ladies as I know you did this last year as well.
Well done Hilary and Nina who braved the cold doorway to take the entrance money – bit chilly ladies.
Lastly a “thank you” to Kevin and Daisy who stayed at the Rescue Centre to look after the dogs.
Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our event and helped us to raise an amazing £2,175 and especially thank you to Gerry for pulling the whole thing together.
Best In Show was a DAWG dog called “Archie” – lovely boy.
Really hope nobody's been missed, but thank you to every single volunteer who helped during the day.

26 January 2020

Wonderful news - Benji (was Norman) has found his forever home with the Glenn family in Patchway. They also have another DAWG dog, Chloe, which they adopted back in August 2015. Benji has been on home trial just to make sure the dogs got along and all has gone well.

Thank you for giving this little boy the start in life he deserves.

29 January 2020

Meet our three new boys who arrived in the early hours, all youngsters, Ben born January 2018, Bailey born January 2017, and Prince born March 2018.

Thank you Eila Moloney for rescuing these lovely lads and  to Kristie Davies who is still getting up at silly o'clock to welcome our dogs into Tonew kennnels for forty eight hours for their DEFRA check. it's greyt to still have the support of all at Tonew.

10 January 2020

DAWG members, how would you like to win the Bristol DAWG lottery?
To help with the running costs of the new Rescue Centre, it has been decided to consider running a Bristol DAWG Lottery.
To make this worthwhile we need a minimum of 100 members to take part. DAWG's Facebook page has nearly 2,500 members so we would like to think that at least 100 members want to help us going forward.
The cost would be £10 per month payable by standing order. There would be a draw every month and based on 100 members the winner would receive £300, the runner up £100. There will also be a one off annual Christmas draw where the winner would receive £1,000 and the runner up £200. The more members that take part, the bigger the prizes would be.
Please  PM Gerry on Facebook  saying if you would be interested and how many tickets you would want each month – entry is £10 per month per ticket.
If the required minimum number of 100 is reached we will then be in touch to arrange everything.
We need your help towards running costs of the Rescue Centre – please consider helping and also have the chance to “Win The Lottery”.

Grand Charity Ball, 2020

31 January 2020

So delighted to tell you that little Colin has gone to his forever home. Now called Baxter, he is living with Sara and Mark and his fur brothers Rudy and Viktor. He’s a bit of a handful at the moment but is forgiven because he’s just so cute - the picture above is a rare one of him asleep! Have a long and happy life little man and many thanks to his new Mum and Dad.