Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

January 2017

1 January 2017

Brilliant start to 2017 - as of 1 January, Wilson went to his forever home.
Thank you to Phil and family for giving this loving 'Dollop' a home.
So far he has only thieved a packet of Dentastix and put his head in a bowl of cereal. That's pretty good going for Wilson!! 

6 January 2017

Thank you to Rowe Veterinary Practice for their very kind food donation. Our hounds are extremely grateful.

8 January 2017

Gerry spent a lovely hour in Westbury, Wilts this morning finalising the adoption paperwork for our lovely Jeanie. She personally had a very soft spot for Jeanie and could not be happier that she has found Hazel, Tommy and the very handsome Barney (big brindle greyhound). She has only been in her home just over a week and has settled so well.
Massive thanks to Ann and Barry who very kindly fostered Jeanie whilst she was waiting for her forever home.

8 January 2017

It was a long drive to Swindon for Gerry today to meet Sue and Bob, who sadly had just lost their beloved greyhound.

Sad times, but they decided that they could give another dog a wonderful home.

They met Fiona on the Thursday at Tonew, Gerry did the home check on Sunday and they picked her up this Thursday. Just spoken to Sue who tells me that Fiona (now Phoebe) has been a good girl, no accidents, quiet at night, has been left for a few hours, so all going well.

A little outside our normal re-homing area, (however we do seem to be travelling further afield these days), but so worth the drive, lovely experienced greyhound owners and a fabulous home for Fiona who has been renamed Phoebe. Strange coincidence, but Phoebe is related to their previous girl - it was obviously meant to be.

Thank you Sue & Bob for giving this sweet girl a second chance in life - black is best!!

9 January 2017

Update on new dogs arriving.

Our re-homing has been amazing throughout November and December, plus we still have quite a bit going on this month. We are expecting more dogs from our very good friend,  Eila Maloney on the 18 January.

So if you are looking for a new four legged friend keep watching our website.

15 January 2017
What a Greyt day!!

I think Bristol DAWG can safely say their sixth “Doggie Day” was a huge success. This event just gets more and more popular every year.

We were amazed at how many former Bristol DAWG dogs brought their owners along to see us!! - it is so rewarding to see so many of our dogs, which are now in loving, forever homes, as many have not had the best start in life. So to all Bristol DAWG dogs, it was wonderful to see you and it makes all our hard work so worthwhile.

We would like to say a big “thank you” to Maria Lowe of Viking Vets who did a brilliant job judging the dog show, with so many dogs to choose from it must have been very difficult. Well done Maria and thank you for all your help, support and hard work.

Thanks to Colin who helped Maria by stewarding the dog show, with so many dogs in the ring he had his work cut out!! – one class had 56 dogs in!!

Well done to Gerry, Sue and Dave for the speed in which they dealt with the dog show registration, especially as time was very limited – they did a brilliant job as always.

Malcolm Webb and his team (Agility 4 Dogs) did a fantastic agility display, which was very much enjoyed by all watching, and you could see all their dogs were really having fun and enjoying themselves. Malcolm and his team then opened the agility ring to any dogs that would “like to have a go” and it was so funny seeing both dogs and owners who had never done any agility trying for the first time. Thank you Malcolm we are very grateful to you and your team for helping to make our day such a success – your donation was also very gratefully received.

Fastest Sprint (with added distractions!!) – Debbie, Sharon, Linda and Norman very kindly ran this between them during the day and this turned out to be great fun with lots of laughter coming from the far side of the arena, the treats half way into the sprint seemed to stop quite a lot of dogs in their tracks. Winning time 2.34 seconds.

Refreshments – Sarah, Des, Rob, Jim, Gill, Tina and Carol worked really hard and, although busy most of the time, they seemed to keep the queue down so people didn’t have to wait too long. You did a brilliant job, thank you. A big “thank you” to Carol Phillips for all the refreshments provided, you are extremely kind. Another huge "thank you” to Linda who managed to persuade her employer to provide a large quantity of cold drinks. Many people also did homemade cakes and rolls, so thanks also to everyone who very kindly contributed to the refreshments table.

Collars/Coats/Leads/Knitted Greyhounds etc – Jane’s stall was particularly busy and she did really well selling her handmade collars and coats. Thank you to Lyn for helping – top sales woman!!

Thank you also to Jan who very kindly made various items to sell on her stall as well – lovely very individual handmade items. Thanks Jan. Thanks also to Keith for turning up early to help with set up.

Platinum Pet Care – Kim and Megan again ran their wonderful stall. A big thank you to the girls for all the wonderful goodie bags they provided for the winners in the dog show (60 bags in total) – brilliant job. Thanks also to Megan, who was the first to arrive at 8.30 am and was already busy getting all the tables out. Thanks also for getting all the stalls in place so quickly – as you made such a good job it’s your turn again next year!!

Avalon (In The Dog House Groomers) – massive thanks you did a wonderful job with the nail clipping, again with donations taken coming to Bristol DAWG, you must have clipped lots of nails this year or people were very generous!!

Eve and Adrienne very kindly ran a Bottle and Teddy tombola with all proceeds to Bristol DAWG – absolutely brilliant, another job you have got for next year!!

We would like to thank Sally Campbell and her team from Funding Animals Future who very kindly donated the proceeds from their stall to Bristol DAWG.

We are hugely grateful to all the stallholders who supported the event and hope you had a good day.

Well done Hilary, Sharon and her niece, Chloe, who braved the cold doorway to take the entrance money.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our event and helped us to raise an amazing £2,671.

As normal we had fantastic support from the usual “gang” who helped with set up and pack up. Well done Norman for keeping everyone in order!!

Dog Show - Best In Show was won by a former Bristol DAWG dog called Teddy, Greyhound, Reserve Best in Show was Reggie the Rottie and Best Puppy was Bear, puppy Labrador.

Really hope nobody's been missed out, but a huge "thank you" to every single volunteer who helped with setting up and organisation throughout the day and a very special vote of thanks to Gerry, the inspiration for the whole day and the reason it all runs so smoothly! 

Planning for 2018 already!!

Thank you to everyone who very kindly donated any unwanted Christmas gifts and bottles – these will all be used for future auctions, raffles, prizes etc to help raise funds throughout the year. You were all very generous,  Gerry arrived with an empty van and went home with it full, thank you all so much.

photos here

15 January 2017
Vicky who was officially adopted today by Julie and her lovely family. What a lucky girl she is and every bit as lovely as she looks! Good luck in your forever home Vicky
16 January 2017
Many thanks once again to our good friend Wendy for yet another very generous donation.
17 January 2017

Jules has been with us a little while. We were looking for an experienced greyhound owner for this little girl as she can be reactive with other dogs if they don't have a pointy nose!!

It takes a special person to adopt a dog who needs extra help and is not perfect from day one, but unfortunately some dogs do come with issues, most of the time through no fault of their own.

Anyway, Jules has now found that special person and she is now living in Melksham with Adell, (who ...has had many greyhounds before) and her two other greyhounds, Misty and Mr Darcy, so Adell now has three black beauties!! Jules has been on a two week home trial and all has gone well.

Thank you Adell for giving this sweet little girl another chance in life.

24 January 2017

Meet Sassy who has just arrived at Bristol DAWG.

Before I tell you more about Sassy – please spread this message to as many people as possible.

If you are ever thinking of rehoming your dog please, please, please make sure you know where it is going, everyone has a duty to make sure they do the very best they can for that dog. Many of them fall into the wrong hands – people are not always what they appear!!!

Sassy was found in a pile of leaves, frozen stiff and unable to stand because she was so weak. She spent the next five days at the vets, where she was given good food, a warm bed and lots of love.

Sassy has now come to Bristol DAWG for rehoming and I promised this little girl this afternoon, when I met her for the first time, that no-one would ever treat her badly or hurt her again. Whatever she has been through has made no difference to her sweet, loving personality. She greeted me and her foster mum and dad with a wagging tail and within minutes she had found her lovely soft basket, she looked so happy I could have cried.

Sassy is a lurcher, (greyhound/saluki), about four years old, possibly a little younger, extremely sweet and very loving. She will not be ready for rehoming for a little while, but whoever adopts this lovely dog is going to be very lucky.

The pictures above were taken just over a week ago, she is looking a lot better already and she will continue to blossom in her foster home.

24 January 2017

Congratulations to Megan and Kim who have been nominated in the category Animal Charity Volunteers of the Year for the Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2017 - wouldn't it be greyt if you won, you would be very worthy winners who do so much for us.

26 January 2017

Update from the very sweet little Sassy.

I have been to see the nice ladies at Animal Health Centre today, they all fell in love with me. Whilst I was there I met some other dogs, and Gerry's dog, Trev, came with me for the ride - I thought he was rather nice and there was lots of tail wagging. I even had a good look at a cat in its carrier, wasn't really interested that much.

I was weighed - I only weigh 15kg, so still very under-weight, but Ann and Barry are feeding me well. I am going for another check up next week to see if I am well enough to be vaccinated. Sophie, my vet, thought my skin still looked a little angry in places, so she has given me more antibiotics as a precaution and some ear drops as my ears are a little smelly.

I liked it at the vets as I got treats and cuddles.

Now back in my foster home fast asleep, but I will keep everyone updated with my progress. Thank you for all your kind thoughts, but things are getting better by the day.


Sassy x

27 January 20017

We have some good news to end the week.

Our very handsome Travis (now renamed Darwin) has gone to his forever home in Filton with Zoe and Zac. What a lucky boy he is to have found such nice people to adopt him. Being a big black boy they are always the last to be chosen, but Zoe and Zac were not put off at all and they could see what a fantastic lad he is.

Thank you both for taking Darwin and please stay in touch with regular updates.

We must also say a massive 'thank you' to Denise and Greg for yet another successful foster - you guys have been amazing with all your fosters and Bristol DAWG are lucky to have you on board.

28 January 2017

I am really sorry to tell you that Newt, (formerly Brady when I originally got him from DAWG in December, 2011) very sadly died on Thursday, extremely suddenly and unexpectedly. I was with him and he went very quickly and without appearing to suffer.

The vet thinks that it might have been an undetected tumour or some sort of abdominal issue. I'd taken him for his late afternoon walk and he'd had a lovely run in the fields as he always did; he then had his tea and collapsed shortly afterwards. It was extremely distressing, but he died almost instantly. I've had the best five years with him.

I rescued him and he, in turn, rescued me. He was my constant and true companion - we shared the best of times and he got me through the worst of times. Newt was the gentlest, sweetest, most loyal and loving soul ever and he and I had fantastic times together. H made me smile every day and made everything alright whatever was happening. I am missing him already, more than I can say.

Thank you, though, for introducing us; you said he would be a wonderful dog and he was. The best.

All good wishes

Jacqui Betts

29 January 2017

Meet Milly, she is one of the sweetest little greyhounds I have ever met, and it breaks my heart to see what bad condition she has arrived in. Milly came to Bristol DAWG yesterday, she has quite a few pressure sores on her and she only weighs 19kg!!!

Once again Denise Smart has stepped in to help this little girl. She has been to see the nice ladies at Animal Health Centre for a full check up. She has cream for her sores and she will be having a dental and probably a couple of teeth taken out - she has lost most of them anyway, so she isn't going to have many left!! Bless her she has a big piece of her tongue missing - who knows what this girl has been through. We know she has had puppies.

She will be safe now with her foster mum and it is hoped that over the next few weeks she will put on weight, her sores will heal and she will be well enough to be vaccinated. We know Milly is 9 years old - such a pretty girl, with such trusting eyes.

As you can see it didn't take her long to settle with Denise.

Thanks again Denise, we are very grateful, but Milly is even more grateful!!

30 January 2017

The week has got off to a greyt start!!

Our sweet little Bambi has found her forever home in Kingswood with Sally, Martin and her new best friend Max. Dogs are getting along really well together.

Thank you so much for giving this lovely young girl a second chance in life, we know she will be very much a part of the family.

Enjoy your new life Bambi x

31 January 2017

This Spring will,  hopefully see these two beautiful male Galgos coming to DAWG. They were both taken out of the killing station and will be looking for loving homes.

Both are sweet, not nervous, nor dominant, both adore cuddles and are friendly with other dogs.

Nano is the rough coated (not as common, but still a pure bred Galgo) and Ice is the white Galgo.

28 January 2017

Meet our four new dogs, from our good friend Eila in Ireland, who will be ready for rehoming shortly. From the top: Daisy, Marie, Prince and Tommy.