Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


Hi Matilda here! 

I'm another Irish greyhound who was rescued from who knows what fate by the lovely Eila Moloney and sent on a big boat across the rough Irish Sea to seek my fortune with Bristol DAWG. I was born in July 2017, so I'm still very young and need a kind and patient owner who will give me the sort of training I need. I'm very willing to learn, but I'm just a typical young greyhound and full of fun. The people at the kennels I live in now are lovely and very kind to me, but I know there is more to life and I can hardly wait to find my own forever home with my very own humans! Do you think that could be you? If you would like to meet me, please get in touch to make an appointment, because I would love to meet you!

Love and licks

Matilda xx

As we have only limited history on most of our dogs, we usually only rehome with children eight years and over.

Dogs are only ever released to homes which have direct access to securely fenced gardens.