Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue


All at Bristol DAWG would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the kind people who have very generously sent donations to help us through the Covid 19 Pandemic, as we are unable to get out and about fund raising.

Stay safe everybody!

DAWG members, how would you like to win the Bristol DAWG lottery?
To help with the running costs of the new Rescue Centre, it has been decided to consider running a Bristol DAWG Lottery.
To make this worthwhile we need a minimum of 100 members to take part. DAWG's Facebook page has nearly 2,500 members so we would like to think that at least 100 members want to help us going forward.
The cost would be £10 per month payable by standing order. There would be a draw every month and based on 100 members the winner would receive £300, the runner up £100. There will also be a one off annual Christmas draw where the winner would receive £1,000 and the runner up £200. The more members that take part, the bigger the prizes would be.
Please  PM Gerry on Facebook  saying if you would be interested and how many tickets you would want each month – entry is £10 per month per ticket.
If the required minimum number of 100 is reached we will then be in touch to arrange everything.
We need your help towards running costs of the Rescue Centre – please consider helping and also have the chance to “Win The Lottery”.

5 May 2020

Congratulations to our second lottery winners, Stephen and Karen Nichols, Nuala's mum and dad, who win £200 and our £50 runner up, Daisy Sweet, super foster mum.

16 May 2020

Good luck to beautiful Carine who left us for her forever home today. She loves her comfy bed, her squeaky toys and has found the sofa. Thank you so very much to  Karen once again for being a top foster Mum. Most of the neighbours have apparently already said hello and had cuddles, so she is a bit exhausted now and is snoring asleep on the sofa!! Her new Mum plans to keep us posted with how she is doing. 

8 May 2020

Next fundraiser - Booze!!!
Draw will take place Sunday
 24th May 2020.
Thank you to all you lovely DAWG people for your support.

12 May 2020

With things the way they are at the moment it is great to announce some good news.
Meet Daisy the Saluki, this sweet little girl arrived at Bristol DAWG a little while ago in poor condition, having recently had puppies, although she was barely more than a pup herself. It was clear the puppies had taken so much from her, so it was decided that we wouldn't put her on the website as we anticipated she would be with us for a while. However she has really landed on all four paws, as Lynne and David Hunt, two of our wonderful volunteers, mentioned Daisy to their daughter. Karen and Phil, who live in Frome, already have a Saluki boy called Charlie - the rest is history. It is lovely that Daisy will now have the life she deserves in her forever home.
We all love a happy ending at Bristol DAWG

17 May 2020

Wonderful news, Meg the 8 month old lurcher who arrived at Bristol DAWG two weeks ago has found her forever home. She has gone to live in Bradley Stoke with Ian, who has very recently lost his lurcher due to ill health.
We would like to thank Julie Windows and Nick for very kindly fostering Meg, it was clear that she enjoyed her time with you.
We know there was lots of interest in Meg and that lots of people will be disappointed, but in these difficult times of not being able to undertake home checks, we were only considering people who were known to us.
We have other beautiful dogs looking for homes, with more dogs arriving from Ireland in a few weeks, so please keep watching our website.
We are all hoping that it won't be too long before some form of normality returns.

18 May 2020

Lovely news to start the week - Hunter has been adopted
You may remember he came to us at the back end of last year after being advertised on Gumtree and a very kind lady drove to North Wales to collect him. We soon found out he had issues reacting to other dogs so we sought some help and Lyndsey came to work with him. He came on in leaps and bounds and their relationship grew to the point where he clearly adores Lyndsey and she him. It was all made official this morning and he is only down the road so we’ll still see him.
Thank you Lyndsey for helping him and for giving him his forever home.

20 May 2020

Great news, our lovely boy, Jock, now renamed George, has found his forever home in Bristol with the Olusoga family. They have had two greyhounds previously so they know what wonderful pets they make.
George was a good boy overnight and is settling in well.
Thank you Eila Moloney for rescuing both Jock and his son, Connor. Another happy ending!

24 May 2020

We now have a car park!! Parking for approximately 20 - 25 cars.
Obviously in the present climate all capital expenditure projects are on hold, but this particular project was funded entirely by Norman Worth, who was also Project Manager, JCB operative, in charge of spades and rakes, and anything else that needed doing!!
Norman would like to thank the following people, who helped with the project and also donated quarry stone and transport for the aggregate:
Vincent Pit - Quarry Manager at Hanson Batcombe Quarry
Karen of J D Pope Highbridge
Scott Aldwick of Aldwick Transport, Lower Weare
Jane and Nigel Litten
Scott Richards - Daisy Sweet's boyfriend
Matthew Worth and girlfriend Simone
Kevin and Diane Sweet
Richard Cox for clearing the ground, use of mini digger and grass cutting
and Jane Worth for running the Potting Shed Cafe
Thank you for everything you do for the Charity Norman, we are so lucky to have you. This project we thought would not happen for a couple of years at least, so your very kind gesture and hard work is greatly appreciated.

26 May 2020

Well it's happened again - Jane and Norman Worth have become "failed fosterers".
Baily, now renamed Goofus, arrived at Bristol DAWG needing a bit of TLC as he was quite thin, you could see his hip bones and ribs. He has the most appealing eyes and was such a clown that Jane couldn't resist him, so she took him home to "foster" - the rest is history!!
Thank you Jane and Norman for giving Goofus his forever home. Thanks also to Eila Moloney for rescuing him in Ireland.