Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

November 2018 

1 November 2018


In conjunction with Stacey Nevill Photography we have decided to create a Bristol DAWG Calendar.

Last year was the first year in many that we did not have one and I for one missed it!

SO! If you had your dogs photo taken at Stoke Gifford Dog Show by Stacey then there is a good chance your pooch could be featuring in the 2019 calendar!

Limited run of 100 calendars are priced at £7 each - preorder yours today!

100% of ALL profit from the sale of the calendar will go to Bristol DAWG!

3 November 2018

November has got off to a greyt start with Hawk finding her forever home. She has a new life and a new name (now Millie), and is going to be such a lucky girl.

Millie has gone to live with Clive, Pat and her new boyfriend (a very handsome big black boy called Boswell - also a Bristol DAWG dog) in Winterbourne.

Millie only had thirty five races which cost her five years, but life is about to get a whole lot better.

Enjoy your new home sweet girl, and thank you to Clive and Pat for giving her another chance in life.

Sadly we have had to postpone the Bingo Evening on 15 December 2018. This has been rearranged for Saturday 9 February 2019.

December is a busy month for many people and we were sadly struggling with numbers. It is hoped that lots of people will be able to join us in February 2019.

We would like to thank Megan Simpkins-Jenkins, Kim Simpkins-Jenkins, Sam Machin and Teela Prater for kindly offering to organise this evening, but sure they will be there for us again in February.

18 November 2018

Big thank you to Dave, Lynne and Barbara who raised a brilliant £127 at a local Cheese & Grain Christmas Fayre. Their dogs were present, but cannot be seen as they are behind the table.

Thank you to Dave and Lynne's grand-daughters, Faith and Immy for very kindly making cakes to sell at this event.

We are so lucky to have such amazing people supporting the work we do.

18 November 2018

Diane completed the adoption paperwork today for Skye. She had been in kennels for most of the year but Kate, Andy and their children gave her a chance and now love her as much as Moss, their other Greyhound. She is now called Dayah and is a daddy’s girl! This lovely, happy and affectionate girl has really landed on all four paws as you can see above. Many thanks to this lovely family for giving her a lovely forever home and for their generous donation.

19 November 2018

More good news.

Many of you will remember Blue who arrived at Bristol DAWG just over a month ago. It was very evident that he had had little attention over recent years and his mouth was one of the worse we had seen - he had so many rotten teeth!!

Two days later, trip to the vet to try and sort his teeth, but as this boy was ten years old, the vet didn't want him to go under anaesthetic twice, so it was a double whammy and Blue was neutered at the same time - poor boy!!

His new life then started and he went to Jess and Andy Ward to be fostered until we could find a forever home (thank you Leila for letting him stay!!).

At ten years old we knew there was little chance of finding someone to adopt him - sadly it is hard enough finding homes for the young dogs!!

However, there is good news Blue has gone to live with Trish and Peter Morrison and their lovely greyhound, May. They have offered to give Blue a forever home, they will provide his food and the Charity will pick up any veterinary treatment for the rest of his days. Thank you so much Trish and Peter.

At least this boy will be happy, warm and pain free this Winter.

Think Blue likes his new home!!

19 November 2018

Brilliant start to the week - Skye’s brother Rocky has found his forever home with Pippa and Andy in Bedminster. Really impressed with the work that this lovely couple put in, researching the breed, asking lots of questions to make sure that everything was right before they went ahead. 
You wouldn’t believe he only moved in yesterday would you? 

21 November 2018

Another happy hound in a new home for Christmas.

Brian has gone to live with Barbara and the lovely Lara in Warminster. Barbara adopted Lara a year ago, but sadly lost her greyhound boy a few months ago. The house felt empty with just one dog, so Brian was the lucky boy to meet Lara, and I think it is fair to say they are rather smitten with each other.

We must say a massive "thank you" to Denise Smart who is an amazing foster mum and took such good care of Brian.

We are also so grateful to Kristie and Mandy at Tonew  - we really know how much you care.

Thanks also to Eila Moloney as without her, he may never have made it to the UK.

Brian is the brindle on the left above.

22 November 2018

Meet Lilly (above left), she is only four years old, but very grey already. She made her way over the Irish Sea early this morning, but being black, slightly older and definitely looking older than her years, she will be the one that people overlook. 
If anyone is looking for a calm girl, Lilly could be the one for you. 
Thank you Eila Moloney for saving these black beauties.

Jack has also arrived, and this message came from Mandy at the kennels this morning - "I know I should not have favourites but Jack has just melted my heart, he is such a gentle giant"
This is how Eila Moloney desribes him "born 8 February 2017, a gorgeous big black dog with the kindest, gentlest nature. He is child and small dog friendly, not cat friendly. He has the loveliest temperament and is a very laid back dog."

23 November 2018

Thank you to Amanda Jane who has been raising money for us at a Craft Fair on Dartmoor this weekend. 

24 November 2018

Massive thank you to Dave, Lynne, Barbara and the amazing dogs, Lara, Brian, Karma and Spirit who braved the weather yesterday in Salisbury and raised a wonderful £272.69.

This was Brian's (brindle boy) first time fundraising but looks like he has taken to the limelight.

26 November 2018

The week has got off to a good start. Suzie has found her forever home in Stoke Bishop with the Stephenson family. She has been such a good girl over her first weekend, there have been lots of walks and cuddles and Suzie has made herself right at home.

We must say a massive thank you to Penny Owen who fostered Suzie initially but, due to a slight shoulder injury, we were advised to move her to a quiet foster home as an only dog, so she could have complete rest, as she did enjoy chasing with the other dogs at Penny's and wasn't getting the rest needed.

So we must also say a huge thank you to Catherine and Graham Hall who have taken such good care of Suzie for the last fourteen weeks. Our foster families are amazing.

Good luck Suzie you are such a sweet girl and so deserve a family of your own to love.