Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

October 2018 

2 October 2018

Congratulations to the wonderful Kristie Davies of Tonew Kennels, and her husband James, on the birth of their 9lb 15oz son Jesse Reece today! With love from all at Bristol DAWG xxx

1 October 2018


In conjunction with Stacey Nevill Photography we have decided to create a Bristol DAWG Calendar.

Last year was the first year in many that we did not have one and I for one missed it!

SO! If you had your dogs photo taken at Stoke Gifford Dog Show by Stacey then there is a good chance your pooch could be featuring in the 2019 calendar!

Limited run of 100 calendars are priced at £7 each - preorder yours today!

100% of ALL profit from the sale of the calendar will go to Bristol DAWG!

7 October 2018

Jim and Natalie originally adopted Lilly from Bristol DAWG in August 2009, but sadly she had to be put to sleep earlier this year due to kidney disease. Very sad times, but they decided there was now room on their sofa for another dog that needed a forever home.

Ben has been on a two week home trial and he has been the perfect gentleman. Gerry spent an hour this morning completing all the paperwork and it was wonderful for her to see how well he has settled - he is such a big boy there is not an awful lot of room left on the sofa now!!

We must say a massive "thank you" to Penny Owen who has done an amazing job fostering Ben. Penny did go with Gerry this morning and he was definitely pleased to see her, which was lovely.

Ben will give you years of enjoyment - he is one of the lucky greyhounds fortunate enough to find a great home.

8 October 2018

Another lovely home for one of our dogs. Carly (now renamed Kiki) has found her forever sofa in Keynsham with Lucy, Sam, their four teenage girls and their four dogs, Marley 12 years old lab x, Dexter 4 year old Saluki x and Wally and Betty 3 year old Basset Hounds - yes they do have a huge house!!

It was going to be difficult finding the right dog to settle in as this pack were so happy, but Kiki has been there for a two week home trial and has been absolutely perfect and the family cannot believe what an amazing girl she has been.

Something which surprised us all is Kiki is "cat trainable"!! all the girls have horses and there is a feral cat at the stables which Kiki is not interested in.

Lovely family and Kiki has certainly landed on all four paws.