Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Paddock Hire

We are now able to invite members of our Facebook group to use our secure, one-acre paddock to exercise their dogs offlead. between 9 am and 6 pm

Information About The Paddock

  • Approximately an acre in size, with shelter by way of a large  shed should it start to rain.
  • If it is extremely hot there is plenty of shade from a number of very large trees, which are in the middle of the paddock.
  • There is a bin provided for any dog waste.
  • Water bowls are also provided.
  • The paddock is completely secure, but it is advisable to walk the field initially so your dog is aware of the surrounding fence.
  • The ground in the paddock is gently undulating i.e. typical Somerset drainage channels.
  • There is another paddock which runs alongside, which will be used for the rescue dogs, so if your dog is reactive or nervous, this facility may not be for you
  • Every effort is made to ensure the ground is free from holes but if you spot a potential hazard please report it to Diane or Kevin Sweet.
Please note you cannot just turn up at the Rescue Centre and pay to use the paddock, 
you MUST use the on-line booking system for ease of admin.

Hire Charge

The cost to hire the paddock is £7.50 for 45 minutes for up to a maximum of 3 dogs.

Payment is to be made via online booking system.

All bookings start on the hour and finish after 45 minutes. This leaves 15 minutes for you to pick up all poo and exit the paddock before the next booking.


When using the paddock for the first time, there will be a short induction. Please ensure that you read the paddock hire rules before deciding you would like to visit us.


Please complete and return a registration form and read the paddock hire rules before booking online.