Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Amy - One of DAWG's earliest rescues, called to the Bridge far too soon

Banner - A permanent foster who spent her twilight years in a home until she died of old age

Billy - Sadly went to the Bridge after only three months in a home

Boo - Another of DAWG's earliest residents who succumbed to the scourge of cancer

Hank - Our permanent foster boy, much loved and missed by Andrew and family


JoJo - Another permanent foster, a girl this time, dearly loved by Gill and Dave

Lulu - Dearly loved companion to John and Julie

Mack - Beautiful lurcher struck down by cancer far too young

Martha - Most beautiful greyhound, called to the Bridge far too young

Mason - In a home for only a few days before succumbing to a rare blood disorder

Millie - Died suddenly while running and playing


Robyn - Sadly went to the Bridge before even finding a forever home

Russell - Born in the rescue and died suddenly at the age of only three

Spike - Returned to DAWG after four and a half years only to succumb to dementia

Whiskey - Another of DAWG's early rescues, spent several years in a loving home before leaving for the Bridge