Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue



1 September 2020

We are now in a position to offer boarding to dogs that have been previous residents of Bristol DAWG. Spaces will be limited, as we only want to keep this on a small scale, but we are constantly asked for recommendations when people are looking to go on holiday or that odd weekend away.
To leave your dog with us we would need to see proof that your dog is fully vaccinated and has had the kennel cough vaccine – sadly we are not able to accept any dogs without up to date vaccinations. 

4 September 2020

Gerry popped to Horfield this morning to complete the paperwork for Millie. She will be off to her new home tomorrow and I think it is fair to say she is going to be very spoilt.
Lewis and Dominique are so excited about giving this sweet girl her forever home.
Thank you 
Eila Moloney 
for rescuing Millie in Ireland.

5 September 2020

The winners of this month's DAWG Lottery are:
1st £200 - Graeme Holland's mum
2nd £50 - Lynette Butler
.Congratulations - would be nice to win the lottery this evening as well as it's £20M!!

10 September 2020

Diane went off this morning to complete Finn’s adoption. This young man has found his forever home with the Clarke family in Somerset. Only eighteen months old, he’s settled very well and has commandeered his very own corner of the sofa! His new family love him so much already - thank you for giving this beautiful boy another chance. Be happy Finn.

10 September 2020

The Taylor family is now complete!! They decided that Gracie  (also a Bristol DAWG dog) needed a friend, so Conan (now renamed Charlie) has been on home trial.
Gerry really couldn't believe how well these two get on, they already seem to be best friends in such a short space of time.
Think Charlie is going to be a very spoilt boy. Thank you for giving him a lovely home. Thanks also to  Eila Moloney for saving not only Charlie but Gracie as well - I know Victoria can't wait to share some pictures.

20 September 2020

A few weeks ago Gerry had a lovely private message from Lisa Mitchell as follows:
"My daughter, Henrietta, is eight years old and shares my love of dogs. When Hope came to you a few months ago I showed my daughter the images and told her what had happened. She took it upon herself to recruit a handful of her classmates during lockdown to save some of their pocket money or earn money through chores so she could help you all out somehow. She knows that after Hope there will be more dogs like her needing help. She's been sending out newsletters to update people and has raised £170."
Yesterday we arranged for Henrietta and her friend Ridge to meet Hope, (now fluffy Flo as the children renamed her!!). They were lovely around her and we could see how proud Lisa was of her daughter. Flo certainly enjoyed all the attention and lapped up the fuss.
Thanks to Lisa for travelling all the way from Swindon to visit.
You have a kind, caring daughter, and everyone at Bristol DAWG would like to say thank you.
Henrietta did tell Gerry that one of her chores was to make her bed every day for 10p - but she hasn't made it since she stopped raising money for Flo, which Gerry thought was funny, sorry Lisa!!

25 September 2020

We were joined today by five new beauties from Ireland: Fire, Louie, LouLou, Nidge and Suzy. There are no photos available yet and they will not be ready for release for at least another week.

27 September 2020

Thank you Hilary Dixon for taking on our online shop. There's a huge variety of interesting items in stock - why not check it out and see if anything takes your fancy.