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Special Friends

Many of you reading this will know Harry's story; you will have read it here under our Dogs For Adoption section, seen him at the kennels, met him at a collection or walked with him on one of our social get-togethers. He is Bristol DAWG's oldest and longest resident. Although a fantastic racer, he was abandoned when he could no longer win his owners money. Luckily, he was found and brought to a pound. As is too often the way with strays, his time was soon up and he was due to be put to sleep. Then, through contacts and the persistence of kind people who hate to see a dog destroyed: he was brought to DAWG. Neither this, nor the bad luck and let-downs he has faced has ever dampened his love for life and humans. He has now been in our kennels for more than eighteen months and at nine years old, we have not been able to find him his forever-home.

He views the kennels as his home now; to see how excited he is when being brought back 'home' after a day out with us often brings a tear to our eyes, but we have to realise maybe what we want for him, is not really what is best for him. The kennel staff love him as if he was their own, and Harry has his own two special volunteer walkers and a regular supply of his favourite custard creams from Nana!

One of our Trustees has often taken him home at weekends, to help acclimatise him to living in a home, but he shows such stress and unhappiness each time, it break her heart. Even spending this time with two other dogs in the household doesn't help him, he just seems to be unhappy and unsettled in a home environment. He also adores being with the other females in the kennels; luckily we have the ability to kennel our dogs as pairs and Harry always welcomes a new lady, although these days he does appreciate the gentler female!
We have now decided to move Harry's write-up from our Dogs to Adopt section to our Special Friends section. We still hope that maybe, one day someone may have the right kind of home for him, but for now, Harry will continue to be the most happy and handsome resident at the kennels being fed custard creams and doted on by his many admirers!
If you would like to help Harry, please consider sponsoring his kennel. Bristol DAWG is a non-destruction rescue, and we guarantee he will be looked after and treated as a star resident for the rest of his years; but any donation, even £3 a month will help us greatly in providing the very best of care.