Bristol DAWG

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Sponsor a Kennel Scheme

Bristol DAWG is pleased to announce that it is now possible to sponsor a kennel – this was felt to be a better Scheme than sponsoring an individual dog, as sometimes the animals are only with us for days before they are happily re-homed – by sponsoring a kennel you will be helping many animals throughout the year.


* Your nominated kennel will bear a plaque with your chosen message.

* Your name (or nominated person) will be displayed on our website. 

* You can view the present occupant of your sponsored kennel by clicking on the "Kennels" link here.

* If you would like to visit the  dog you are sponsoring this can be arranged.   Website: 

What your Gift will provide:

Your generosity will mean that Bristol DAWG can continue caring for the animals in need of our help. Bristol DAWG only became a Registered Charity in April 2010 but during this time we have rehomed many hounds.  Your sponsorship would help us with the following:

* £10 per month to provide Flea and Worm treatment for one dog.

* £50 to vaccinate one dog for the year.

* £30 (or more!) per month to feed one dog.

* £20 to microchip a dog.

* Average £120 for dogs to be neutered – the list is endless!

Cost is £5.00 per month per kennel.

You can, of course, sponsor more than one kennel.

Once you have decided to help us, all you need to do is to complete the attached form and return it to The Secretary, Bristol Dog Action Welfare Group. 

You will be giving injured, abused and abandoned animals a second chance of life and the opportunity to find the loving home they deserve and help us to go on caring for these animals and also plan for the future. Many thanks from everyone at Bristol DAWG – both two legged and four; your support is much appreciated by everyone and will help to ensure the future for so many dogs.